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This is the third edition of our Friends of Bullying.org News!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead
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Bullying Awareness Week November 14th - 20th, 2010
Seventh Rain Partners with Bullying.org
Bullying.org -The CTV National News
Bullying.org Partners With Yale University
Global Connections
Caring Kids Award
Homophobia Must Stop!
Netizenship: A Concept and Call for Participation
Quick Pics: Friends of Bullying.org
Links and Stories and Podcasts Oh My !
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Dear Friends of Bullying.org,

Thank you for being a Friend of Bullying.org. This newsletter is being sent to over 12,000 friends, supporters and partners of Bullying.org in families, schools, School Boards and Ministries of Education, Universities, Business, Community and Government leaders, Media, Bullying Researchers and anti-bullying activists around the world. If you know of others who are also committed to working together to more effectively address the issue of bullying, please forward or share this newsletter among your own contacts and networks as you may deem appropriate. Let's try to have more than 20,000 list members by this time next year!

Bullying.org's mission is dedicated to the prevention of bullying through education and awareness. Since February 16, 2000 we have offered online educational resources as well as supporting programs and in-person presentations for young people, parents, educators and community leaders.

Through this newsletter we want to introduce you to other Friends of Bullying.org; people, projects, special events, new research and resources -all focused on supporting Bullying.org's mission, "To eliminate bullying from society through education and awareness".

Thank you all for helping us to make a difference for others!


Bill Belsey

Founder and President,
"Where you are NOT alone!"


Bullying Awareness Week November 14th - 20th, 2010

And the countdown is on...!

This year, the annual Bullying Awareness Week will celebrate its eighth year of raising awareness about the seriousness of bullying through education and awareness. The theme is "Stand Up! (to bullying).

Click here to watch this video to find out why the CBC's Rick Mercer thinks that Bullying Awareness Week is so important. Thanks so much for your support Rick!

The City of Calgary formally recognizes Bullying Awareness Week. Thank you former Mayor Dave Bronconnier!

Bullying.org recently learned that
Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen has declared Nov. 14-20 as "Bullying Awareness Week."

Bullying.org is proud to have started this grassroots initiative, but the success of the week rests entirely with you, our wonderful, passionate, partners. Thank you so much for sharing our vision and for making a difference for others!

"When I first conceived of an annual Bullying Awareness Week nearly nine years ago, I certainly understood that we need to be addressing this issue each and every day. Facilitating social change takes ongoing, longterm effort. Having such a week forces us to renew our commitment to addressing this issue, to have important conversations about healthy human relationships in our families, schools, businesses and communities in positive, proactive ways, rather than always reacting to negative situations. My father always use to say, 'What the mind can conceive, and the heart can believe, we CAN achieve!' I think that he was right!" -Bill Belsey

Some special days include:

Wednesday, November 17th , 2010

Stop Cyberbullying Day!

"Send the Msg: Stop Cyberbullying!" * (Msg = message)

Thursday, November 18th
, 2010

BE the Change! -Youth Leadership and Action Day!

Friday, November 19th
, 2010:
Blue Friday!

Wear blue
as a sign of peace and safety today

If you are a young person in the Calgary area, please consider registering for and participating in the annual Blue Friday Youth Leadership conference. It will be held on Friday, November 19th, 2010 at Forest Lawn High School in Calgary, Alberta. For more information, please contact the amazing
Flo Cameron at blue.friday@ciacy.org or register online at http://www.pmast.org/registration.html

To find out how your family, school, community group can participate and to find many event ideas and free supporting resources, please visit www.bullyingawarenessweek.org.

Alex Hope Elementary School in Langley, British Columbia

Currently there are over 1,000 schools registered to participate in the 2010 Bullying Awareness Week activities this year! Bullying.org will award free access to our Webinar,
"Bullying: What Parents Need to Know, What Can Be Done" to all parents of any school that submits photos or a video showing how their school participated in BAW this year! Photo submissions can be e-mailed to help@bullying.org and videos can be posted on YouTube or TeacherTube.

Seventh Rain Partners with Bullying.org !
Bullying.org, Seventh Rain Partnership

Bullying.org President, Bill Belsey, with the band "Seventh Rain"

Bullying.org is proud to announce a new partnership with the Rock band Seventh Rain.

The band, consisting of Ryan Williams - Vocals, Rich MacFarlane - Guitar, Luke Sheppard - Bass and John Byskal - Drums, are wonderful musicians and also have a powerful anti-bullying message for their fans.

The band took top prize of $200.000 at the 90.3 AMP Radio Rock Star 2010 competition!

Bullying.org is working with the band by providing educational resources that they can use and share with their audiences to help them "Stand Up!" (to bullying).

Put on your headphones, turn up your speakers and listen to their great song, "Something More".
If you are working with young people, this song, along with their lyrics is posted on page # 1 of the
"I Want to Share -Music" section of www.bullying.org.* You can also learn more about their positive, anti-bullying message by visiting the I Want to Share -Multimedia" section of www.bullying.org and watching a video about what youth audiences are saying about their music and their message.

Look for Bullying.org's logos and banners on stage when the band performs at a venue near you!

Here is how you can contact the band to have them come and play at your school or in your community. Let them know you heard about them as a Friend of Bullying.org.

twitter: @seventh_rain

(*Published on www.bullying.org with all full copyrights and permissions from the artists).

Bullying.org -The CTV National News

Bullying.org President, Bill Belsey is interviewed from Colombia via Skype on the CTV National News re. the tragic death of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi

Click here to view the interview.

Bullying.org Partners With Yale University!

Bullying.org was approached the the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University to help raise awareness about the challenges faced by overweight youth.

The Rudd Center at Yale University is a non-profit research and public policy organization devoted to improving the world's diet, preventing obesity and reducing weight stigma. Bullying.org would like to make our friends aware of some of the free resources that the Rudd Center offers to address victimization and bullying against overweight youth.

Children and youth are particularly vulnerable to weight-based teasing, something which has long-term consequences for both emotional and physical health. Researchers at the Rudd Center have developed a number of free, educational resources to help expose and combat weight bias and
victimization, including videos and handouts developed specifically for overweight youth who have been teased or bullied, as well as information for parents and educators, which are available online on their webpage.

You can find their videos here:

Resources specifically for kids and teens are available at this link:

Also feel free to take a look at their Website, www.yaleruddcenter.org, to get an overview of what they do at the Rudd Center.

Bullying.org hopes that our firends will take a look at some of these materials and see if they can be of help to you in your efforts to prevent bullying.

Global Connections

Bullying.org had the honour of presenting on the topic of cyberbullying at the second annual conference on bullying, which was organized by Universidad CES in Medellin, Colombia. Thank you Natalia and your team for all of your hard work and congratulations on organizing such a successful conference!

For more information on the conference, please visit: http://simposiobullying.ces.edu.co/index.php/memorias

The wonderful youth drama group from Medellin who closed the conference with an outstanding performance!

Bullying.org is very proud to announce two groundbreaking, new partnerships!

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)
Faculty of Education is partnering with Bullying.org to offer our research-based, professional development courses about bullying and cyberbullying from www.bullyingcourse.com for their teachers-in-training as a formal part of their course of study!

"The student-teachers are UOIT will now have a clear advantage over their peers at many, if not most other Universities in terms of preparedness to enter the classroom.

In my correspondence, travels and conversations with teachers across North America and indeed around the world throughout the past decade of working on this issue, most educators, myself included, never received a course, let alone a class about the issue of bullying during their time at University.
Bullying is often the number one non-academic issue that most teachers facea according to a survey by Statistics Canada, it is the number one concern of parents, so why weren't teachers being prepared? To me it's like graduating nurses and doctors who were never trained in helping the public deal with the flu. Such a situation would be unthinkable today, yet this is what is currently happening with respect to the issue of bullying in education.
This leadership from UOIT is a game-changer" -Bill Belsey

Congratulations to UOIT, our children will now be the winners because of your leadership!


The Calgary Regional Consortium
is partnering with Bullying.org to offer our research-based, professional development Webinars about bullying and cyberbullying to educators in Canada and around the world.
Calgary Regional Consortium

Any educator in Canada or around the world can register for these Webinars, by visiting:



Some recent feedback from a course participant:

"Like many educators, I felt an uncertainty and discomfort when dealing with bullying. I was looking for a Professional Development opportunity that would increase my knowledge and understanding about what actually goes on when bullying takes place and what I can effectively do about it. In my view, a worthwhile starting point is taking the course, An Introduction to Bullying for Educators. Completion of this course is empowering in that 'knowledge is power' and it lays a firm foundation from which to grow both personally and professionally. It has helped me develop a greater understanding and confidence in addressing the everyday challenge of dealing with bullying in schools. "

-Jacqueline (Ottawa, Ontario)

What researchers are saying about

"I like the (E101 -An Introduction to Bullying for Educators) course a lot. It is filled with practical information that teachers can relate to and use. Research has demonstrated a need for teacher training in how to respond to bullying and cyberbullying. This course provides an accessible way for teachers to get much-needed information. I think this course could be adopted by schools and used as the basis for staff development."

-Sheri Bauman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director, School Counseling Program
Editor, Journal for Specialists in Group Work
University of Arizona


Caring Kids Award Winners and the Bullying.org Web of Fame!

The research of Pepler and Craig (1997) tells us that bullying will stop in less than ten seconds most of the time when peers intervene to befriend those who are being bullied.
Ref: http://bit.ly/dgk2tS

That's easy for an adult to say, but really hard for kids to do in real life. Yet, every day, there are kids on the school bus, in the gym change room, in the cafeteria and in school hallways who regularly show such acts of kindness and courage.

Bullying.org would like to recognize such great young people!

You can learn more about how to nominate a young person you know as one of Bullying.org's Caring Kids, please visit:

Those chosen will receive a beautiful gold pin, a special certificate and be celebrated on www.bullying.org 's "Web of Fame!"

Homophobia Must Stop!

This issue of the Friends of Bullying.org News is dedicated to the memory of Tyler Clementi and all young people
who have been victims of homophobia.

This video was created with this issue in mind by Melissa Bull and her colleagues at Music Mind Records. They posted it to Youtube and www.bullying.org in hopes that others who might need help and support would visit www.bullying.org and our partners.

Credits: "Rainbows" Lorenzo Owens, Music Mind Records

The following, brilliant song Chromosomophobia was written and given to Bullying.org by my late teaching
colleague Bob Blue. Please consider sharing and discussing it with others.

Chromosomophobia (Click the title to listen to Bob sing his song)
by Bob Blue �1992

Inside everybody's genes there is a set of chromosomes
That will determine all our fates to some degree
It inspires the philosophers and scientists
To argue over what make you be you and me be me
But of all the chromosomes, the one that makes the biggest noise
Is simply labeled with the English letter "Y"
Well, without it, you're a woman and you've got an extra "X"
But if you've got it then you're gonna be a guy

Now considering the permutations likely to appear
Within these intricate and complicated genes
It's a wonder that we ponder on our gender
As we do with expectations of deciding what it means
How we labor to attribute such a myriad of issues
To the chromosome determining to our sex
Can it really be so crucial to our psyches and our futures
If instead of "Y" we have a double "X"

And when people love each other and decide to be together
How absurd it is for someone to imply
That the love is not legitimate
Unless one of the lovers has two "X's" and the other has a "Y"
As the lovers struggle on to find a way to build a life
That they can share, it seems archaic and obscene
To suggest that they should call it off 'cause it could never work
Citing as evidence, the make-up of a gene

With so many hefty reasons for the gaps between our spirits
It seems backwards, contradictory and wrong
To oppose a way of living life that brings two people closer
When they feel that close is right where they belong
In this universe wherein we grew from nothings into somethings
On this planet where we try to make a home
Let us pause to recollect that we are more than what we're made of
And a chromosome is just a chromosome

A chromosome is just a chromosome!

Netizenship: A Concept and Call for Participation

(an open letter to my fellow teachers)

As you may recall, I have long been involved in trying to raise awareness about the seriousness of bullying and cyberbullying behaviour. But when I speak to students, parents and my fellow educators in schools or at conferences, I try very hard not to be a fear-monger, there is far too much of this going on today. In fact, if you do this too for too long or often you will turn kids off in a heartbeat. I do try to celebrate the many positive things that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can bring to our lives, in addition to helping young people understand that their virtual actions can have real-life consequences for themselves and for others.

With this background info. in mind, I want to create a space where educators can share examples of non-profit, educational online communities, projects, and related resources for youth that classroom teachers can use to encourage, support and inspire what I have referred to for many years as "Netizenship"
(Citizenship in the Information Age).

To me, Netizenship, like citizenship, is not merely about "being safe" in person or online. Netizenship is a learning journey wherein the individual strives to become more aware, not only of their rights, but also of their responsibilities to others in society, moving from a "Me to We" consciousness in person and online if you will. Once this awareness takes hold, Netizens begin to think about how they can use ICTs to benefit others in their communities, schools and beyond. In my mind, it is these acts of altruism and engagement that defines the Netizen. With the goal of encouraging greater Netizenship, it is my hope to have http://www.netizenship.net become a community that shares programs, projects and related resources that can help educators, parents and others who work with youth, to model, encourage, support and inspire young people to become Netizens as part of a broader Netizenship movement!

Although http://www.netizenship.net is fairly modest in size and scope at this time, I have no doubt it will likely grow quickly with the contributions and support of other educators like you.

Please feel free to share this message and broader idea with your own Professional Learning Networks as you may deem appropriate.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Let's work together to encourage greater Netizenship among our youth!

Yours in teaching and learning,

-Bill Belsey

Quick Pics: Friends of Bullying.org

(L to R): Michael McMann, Suzy Randle (Fort Vermilion Victim Service Unit) with
Frank Oberle, Solicitor General for the Government of Alberta and Bill Belsey, President, Bullying.org

(L to R) Dean Shareski, Bill Belsey and Dr. Alec Couros at the Digital Citizenship Symposium
in Calgary, Alberta

Links and Stories and Podcasts Oh My !

you to the staff and students of Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School in Okotoks, Alberta for having me present, "Virtual Worlds, Real Consequences" at your school recently. The feedback I received from students and staff was much appreciated!

A special thank you also to Westberry and Rosetown schools on the beautiful Saskatchewan prairie and Foundations For The Future Charter Academy in Calgary for their warm welcome and kind hospitality. Your students were wonderful !

See you soon!
  • Lycee Louis Pasteur School in Calgary
  • Riverbend Junior High School - Edmonton

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