Poolside Powwow

"Oh, hello there! Come on in - Matthew and Ali just got back from the park. Perfect timing."

I was greeted at the door by Matthew's mother, Marguerite. She gave me a quick tour of her beautiful home while her son, Matthew, and Ali unpacked their things. Ali is Matthew's Direct Support Staff, a trained professional caregiver who helps Matthew with his day-to-day life. Whenever Matthew needs to get to a doctor's appointment, wants to go out in the community, or get some exercise in, Ali is there to guide and support him.

"They're just getting ready to go outside and do some exercises in the pool."

While we waited for them to get ready, I asked Marguerite how long Ali had been working with Matthew.

"For about a year now. When Ali first started working with us, Matthew had broken his ankle. Right from the get go, Ali showed that he truly cared for Matthew's well-being. He was with him every minute after the injury, from transporting him to the hospital to the time Matthew spent there. Ali would even carry Matthew in his arms out to the car after his surgery so they could still enjoy their outings together."

I could tell from the way that Marguerite spoke about Ali that she truly trusts him, and it was such a relief for her that Matthew feels that way too.