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August 2015

Friends of DebateAble, Welcome to our New Monthly Newsletter! 

We are excited to use this space to share DebateAble news with our current and former debaters, and other fans of debate. We hope that you have been enjoying the summer - an especially warm and sunny one here in Seattle. After three full years of debate clubs, four interschool tournaments, and several hundred debaters, we are gearing up to once again offer before and after school  clubs this Fall in 11 Seattle Public Schools. 

It is thrilling to watch each session take off and later wrap up with a match or tournament. Our young debaters gain so much confidence in such a  short time. Equally exciting is when we're asked, "When are you going to start teaching debate at my school?" I hope this means we are helping make debate "cool" in Seattle!

We have some new things on tap for DebateAble this school year, including our first Middle School Club;  a new program,  DebateAble In Your Classroom,  where a DebateAble instructor is invited into the classroom during school to lead a series of debate lessons and facilitate a student debate match; and the introduction of  DebateAble Licensing Program, making DebateAble curriculum and training accessible to coaches and instructors across the country. We're excited to introduce these new programs and bring an even wider audience of young people!

Thanks for your support of debate and we look forward to connecting with you monthly!

Margot & Elizabeth
Founders, DebateAble

Enjoy working with kids? Become a Debate Coach!

We are always looking for coaches and have paid positions open at several schools in Seattle.  A DebateAble coach can be any adult who enjoys working with children and is interested in teaching the skills that are inherent to debate. Debating experience is not necessary - we often say that we can train anyone in the curriculum, but we cannot teach just anyone to work well with kids. Contact us to learn more about training to become a DebateAble coach. 
Debate Skills 101
Public Speaking

Practicing public speaking is one great thing about debate club.  Here are a few tips we teach the students:
  • Don't memorize - jotting down key points is more effective and less problematic.
  • Strong openers grab the audience's attention -- jokes often fail.
  • Slow down - speak more slowly than you think you need to. Remember to breathe. And look up from your speech and make eye contact to emphasize your points.

August DEBATE THIS! topic
Should teachers assign homework for the summer?

Can you debate the Affirmative and Negative sides of this topic? Let these arguments get you started ...

"Summer homework assignments help keep kids on track for school in the Fall."
"Summer is a time for rest and fun. And to do those things there is not time for during the school year."

Every month we will throw out a topic to debate at the dinner table or in the car. Practice the skills your kids learned in debate club. Try taking the side you are least passionate about - it makes it more challenging!

Interested in Debate at Your School?
Please contact us about bringing DebateAble to your child's school. 
11 Seattle Schools Offering DEBATEABLE Clubs
Catherine Blaine K-8
John Hay
Hazel Wolf K-8
John Stanford
North Beach
View Ridge
Queen Anne 
Salmon Bay K-8

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