Friends of Garlic Newsletter
24th Annual Virginia Wine & Garlic Festival
Dear Friend of Garlic,  
The Virginia Wine & Garlic Festival, a Virginia tradition for over 20 years, is the largest agricultural festival in the state. We invite garlic growers from the region to offer their many different varieties of locally grown garlic at our festival each year. This year, we are welcoming a new grower, Tamworth Farms, so we are sharing their story with you as written by the grower, and hope that you will stop by and see them at the Garlic Festival coming up on October 11th and 12th!

The Story of Tamworth Farms

A few years ago, we read reports and heard stories about the difficulty grocery retailers and chefs in the eastern United States were experiencing in procuring high quality, organic, gourmet garlic and shallots. Particularly scarce were organic garlic and shallots actually raised on the east coast of the U.S. that were suitable for the finest culinary use. That's when we decided that locally grown, organic garlic was where we wanted to go. This is our first year! The harvest is in and we are very excited to be certified organic, working toward sustainability, care of the soil and in the process bringing some great tasting garlic to this unique Festival.


  Discovering the need for great garlic caused us to explore the best use for our family farm - a former English hamlet near the James River in Cumberland County, Virginia. Our farm actually was patented in 1728, about the time the famous grist mill there was constructed and about the time the old miller's house was built. Today, our farm is known as the old farm on Muddy Creek, the home of Muddy Creek Mill, a grand old rock and brick icon standing proudly along with the old post office/general store and, now, various barns and operations centers.


Our fields "across the creek," are proudly growing eleven varieties of organic, gourmet  garlic to include great softnecks such as Lorz Italian, Susanville, Polish White and Lohantan White, as well as certain hardnecks such as Music, Georgian Fire, Purple Glazer, Spanish Roja, and German Red, among others. All of these are grown in some of the best soil in central Virginia. We are a young family enterprise, loving what we do and getting better with each bunch of garlic.