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Donors, Sponsors and Friends of IASWECE 
We are very grateful to the donors, sponsors and friends who supported IASWECE in 2017 as well as those who have given in 2018!

 If you have not yet made a contribution for 2018, we hope that you will do so now and support our work on behalf of young children around the world!

Individuals and Kindergartens
IASWECE Associations
Allon, Stefanie Federatie Steinerscholen Vlaanderen, BE
Burroughs, Kathleen Israeli Kindergarten Teachers Circle, IL
Boulder Kindergarten, US Koordinationsstelle Elementarpädagogik, CH
Dotzler, Ursula Federation of RS Waldorf Schools in New Zealand, NZ
Henning, Erika Riksföreningen Waldorfförskol Samråd, S
Iwersen, Tina Waldorfbund Österreich, AT
Karlavagnens Kindergarten, S Verein der Waldorfkindergarten e.V., D
Lenhardt, Dorothea WECAN, US
Mohlin, Charina Zwiazek Skol I Przdzsk Warsaw, PL
Nauohanaen Kindergarten, JP Fédération des Écoles Steiner-Waldorf, FR
Odessa Kindergarten, UA
Rosen Kindergarten, D Friends
RS Erzieherseminar Dortmund, D Aerts, Clara
Sharrock, Katie (St. Michaels) Chalet, Patricia
Tempel, Friedrich & Martina deForest, Louise
Tormes, Lourdes Efremova, Svetlana
Valdinoci, Andrea Freytag, Claudia
Wohlgemuth, Beate Hauptle, Mary-G
Zhang, Hao Howard, Susan
2018 Individual Donors Kaiser, Margarete
Dotzler, Ursula Kiss, Joli
Larsson, Marie Matsuura, Sono
Reubke, Philipp Radysh, Lara
Riahi, Celia
Other Walter-Baumgartner, Jacqueline
Centros Educativos Waldorf en España, ES
Grantham, Erika (Memorial Collection), UK Sponsors 2017 and 2018
Kindling, UK Mercurius International


Lanzarote Kindergarten, ES & Tenaquip School, MD

NESWCE, UK & Hochiming & Hanoi, VT

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