Spring 2011 Newsletter

Celebrate the 2 Year Anniversary of MADACC's Volunteer Program!


Join us as we celebrate all the great work done by our volunteers and learn how you can help with new and exciting efforts, like "Operation Sunshine," a project to build outdoor kennels at MADACC's facility on 38th and Burnham. 


MADACC's volunteer program started with one laundry helper and has since grown in just two years to include dog walking, cat socializing, fundraising, foster/adoption, community outreach, and dog training!


Saturday, April 2 at 7:00pm

O'Brien's Pub - 4927 W Vliet Street, Milwaukee, WI


We are asking for a $10 donation at the door. Show your wristband at the bar and drink free beer until the barrel runs out! Don't like beer? Just come and have some cocktails, laughs and a great time.


This event is sponsored by WisconsinWags.com who has generously donated a barrel of beer for the event.


Operation Sunshine -- Here comes the sun!


Every dog deserves a bit of fresh air and sunshine. That's what OPERATION SUNSHINE, our outdoor exercise area project, is all about.


Just like humans benefit from sunshine, fresh air and exercise, dogs do too. Spending more time outdoors can have physical and emotional benefits for dogs. Dogs are able to engage in behaviors that relieve stress and boredom and improve their overall health and well-being.


Friends of MADACC (FOM) plans to build 15 outdoor kennels and one dog exercise area to be used for exercise, training, adoption events and other activities at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission's (MADACC) animal care and control facility on 38th and Burnham.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 which will be used to excavate the kennel area, resurface kennel sections with a permeable decomposed granite surface, and erect metal fencing and gates. 


FOM kicked off our fundraising campaign at the Great Lakes Pet Expo on February 5 with a genrous donation from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff David Clarke presented FOM with a $10,000 donation from their "Search and Seizure Fund" which will be used for this project.




Help Milwaukee County's neediest animals by donating to OPERATION SUNSHINE today! Click here to donate.

Information about kennel sponsorships will be available soon. Email info@madaccfriends.org with inquiries and questions.


February Adoption Event a Big Success!!


On February 26, MADACC hosted a Shelter Stars Showcase event at the Central Bark Doggy Day Care - Menomonee Valley in Milwaukee. The event featured over a dozen adoptable dogs from MADACC. Events like this help connect people looking to add a new companion animal to their family with some of Milwaukee' County's neediest animals.


In 2010, over 3100 animals were placed into adoption programs through the more than 75 shelter/rescue partners MADACC works with and over 450 animals were directly placed into new homes as a result of adoption events, networking via Facebook, and other outreach activities organized by MADACC staff and volunteers.


Over 50 people attended February's event and as a result, several dogs featured were adopted and almost all of the dogs had family's follow-up with interest after the event making it a huge success!




Interested in raising money for Operation Sunshine, our outdoor kennel project? 


Here are just a few suggestions on activities you can organize to make a difference and get us to our goal of $25,000!


Simple Guidelines:

1. If you choose to help implement a fundraiser from the activities listed below, simply submit the type of fundraiser and date and time (no need for approval). However, if the fundraiser you are interested in doing is not identified below, please first contact Laura Nigbur, Fundraising Chair, by email at lauranbf@yahoo.com or by phone at 262-385-1034.

2. You are responsible for determining the appropriate monetary amounts to be charged for all projects initiated. ALL FUNDS raised must be donated if they are being collected under the Friends of MADACC name. (We do not allow door-to-door or telephone soliciting.)

3. You MUST submit all posters, flyers, etc. that contain the FOM logo to FOM for approval.

4. If you would like any more information about FOM of Operation Sunshine, visit www.madaccfriends.org. Be sure to have a few additional Operation Sunshine flyers on hand for people to take to learn more about the project and share with their friends.


Fundraising Ideas:

SPARE CHANGE DRIVE: Collect spare change via a drive at your office, kid's school, or church. Even up the ante by creating a friendly competition between groups. Explain to the group that all funds help Milwaukee County's neediest animals and will get shelter dogs some much needed sunshine and exercise, and increase their likelihood of being adopted.

BAKE SALE: Set up a location (work, school, church, bank, etc.), and have friends and family bake goodies to donate to the bake sale. Designate a few friends to help work shifts to sell the goodies.

CAR WASH: Find a fairly busy location with a nearby business, church, etc. that has a water resource. Pick a date and time, and let us help you promote to get a great turnout. You can even sell tickets in advance and allow for drive-ups on the day of the event. Then start washing!

JEANS DAY SALE:  Work with your organization to allow individuals to wear jeans to work on a select day if they "purchase" a Jeans Day coupon.  Pick a date for the casual day and then sell the coupon or sticker the week prior for a designated donation amount.



Battle Against Dogfighting (BAD): Delivers Messages of Compassion to Youth & Launches the "Pit Crew Training Team"


BAD presented to Wisconsin Humane Society's Youth Advocates students in February, communicating the negatives effects of dogfighting on not only dogs, but the serious legal consequences for dog fighters and how these violent crimes have negative impacts on everyone in the community. Presenters Jill Brown, BAD's program director, and Animal Control Officer Erin Riley also explained how the teens can get involved in speaking out against dogfighting by writing letters and educating others via class projects.


 On February 12, BAD also launched its "Pit Crew Training Team" with a low-cost clinic and community event. We were able to get 40 dogs vetted, give some free training tips, and promote the important of spay/neuter. A BIG thanks to all the MADACC staff that volunteered to at this event!! The Pit Crew Training Team includes 8 participants and their dogs and is led by trainer Jen Digate of Wild Canine. They have been learning positive reinforcement clicker training and are doing great! We are helping create better behaved pit bulls and helping strengthen the bond between participants and their pups. Ultimately, they are all on their way to becoming wonderful breed ambassador dogs and strong anti-dogfighting advocates in their communities!!


Are you interested in having BAD present at your youth group, community center, or school? Contact Ann at anne4paws@gmail.comAre you interested in sponsoring a member of the Pit Crew training team? Visit www.madacc.com/bad to donate today!




Wish List


MADACC currently rescues and assures safe, temporary shelter, veterinary and humane care for nearly 13,000 stray, unwanted, abandoned, mistreated and injured animals each year - more than any other animal control shelter in Wisconsin. 

Support Milwaukee's neediest animals this holiday season by making a donation via our website or donating an item from our wish list.


Donations can be dropped off at MADACC (3839 W Burnham St, West MIlwaukee, WI 53215). Thank you for your support!

  • Rawhides
  • Blankets / Towels
  • Stuffed animals
  • Cat Carriers
  • Aspen bedding
  • Timothy hay
  • Dog / Cat treats
  • Peanut butter
  • Cat litter (non-clumping)
  • Dog toys (rope toys, Kongs, squeaky toys, Nylabones)
  • Cat toys (plastic ball toys, washable fabric cat toys)
  • Dry & canned cat/dog food
  • Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls
  • Cleaning supplies (bleach, laundry detergent, paper towels, garbage bags)

3839 W Burnham St.
West Milwaukee, WI  53
Friends of MADACC is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of animal welfare issues and improving the welfare of Milwaukee County's neediest animals housed at MADACC's animal care and control facility. We are a network of volunteers that provide foster care, dog walking and cat socialization, training and educational programs with the goal of enhancing the quality of life of animals at MADACC to increase their chances to be placed in a local adoption program.

Join us on Facebook to follow our progress, keep up on events, and help make a difference!