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The January/February 2016 issue of Resurgence & Ecologist looks at new trends in food and farming, working with Nature, not against it.

Vandana Shiva explains why the concept of dharma should be applied to agricultural practice, Liz Ware introduces a new method of farming from Japan based on trusting the soil, and we feature an interview with Helen Browning, chief executive of the Soil Association.

As always, the arts coverage is broad and inspiring - from Matt Harvey's exercise in crowd-sourced poetry, to Adam Feinstein's study of the verse of Pablo Neruda, to the retrospective exhibition of the artist David Jones.   

We also cover mindfulness, sacred song, and how science and ancient wisdom can conspire to help us live more holistic lives.  

Here are a few highlights from the new issue of Resurgence & Ecologist for you to enjoy... 
A Food Renaissance Goes Live

How can we support good farming practices?

As part of a special feature on agriculture, Colin Tudge reports on a project that looks at just that - The College of Real Farming and Food Culture, a forum with the ambitious aim to make enlightened agriculture the norm.

Wake Up Laughing

"When we learn to take charge of our thinking process, we take charge of our life."

Following on from his raucous appearance at the Resurgence summer camp in July 2015, laughter coach Joe Hoare gives some practical advice on how to bring more joy and laughter into our lives. Complete with practical exercises to try at home.

The University of Green

As Schumacher College embarks on its 25th anniversary celebrations, Jay Griffiths visits the college and meets students and volunteers who relish life and learning at the College. The College represents holistic, environmental education at its best.

One Earth, One Humanity, One Future

Satish Kumar believes that the root causes of our current crisis can be found the old story of separation.

At this time of political and human crises, Satish's message that we must replace the old story of national interest with a new story of our common human interest should be heard loud and clear.

Our Books of the Year

We asked leading figures from the world of environment, social justice, spirituality and the arts to nominate the book that had made the most impression on them in 2015.

Read responses from Rowan Williams, Natalie Bennett, Jonathon Porritt, Bill McKibben and more.

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