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Friends of the Casa NEWSLETTER July 2018
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Featured Casa Entity ~ St Ignatius de Loyola ~What is a Novena ~ By Grainne McEntee
Sacred Trinity of Inumerable Names ~ By Grainne McEntee
New Casa Current at the Outlook ~ by Marijike Kapusta
Featured Article
Casa Featured Guide Christine Wyllie
The Entities at Work.~ Healing Stories from Melinda Holland
Request for Cases of Healing by Richard Sheff
Casa Crystal Beds~ Around the World - New additions
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Friends of the Casa
Official Recommended Casa
Guide's Travel Schedule
It is recommended that new comers go with a Casa Guide to visit John of God. The Casa is filled to overflowing with hundreds of people from all over the world. There are many protocols, on how to take care of yourself, during your Casa treatment, what to do, and where to go, while you are there, which the Casa recommended Guides will help you to navigate. You can focus on what is important to your healing process, and you are sure to get the most support and highest benefit. The Casa Guide provides all the logistics, ie taxi, lodging, translation, individual support, Casa Protocols, including care during your healing experience etc.etc 

FOC Guide Listing Facilitator
To be Listed as a Guide
on the
Friends of the Casa Website
Peter Waugh
If you have been authorized by the Entity to bring groups to the Casa, please contact Peter Waugh at for further information on how to be listed
as a Casa Guide on
The Friends of the Casa Website.

Peter Waugh is an official Casa Guide living in
New Zealand.
For more information about Peter and his Casa Group Travel to Brazil, go to his website: 
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Featured Books

Saint Ignatius of Loyola:
His Life and His Words
                   By   Virginia Rebata 
~ Casa Recommended Guide ~


This book is based on the original autobiography Saint Ignatius of Loyola, dictated himself to Father Gonzalez, S.J., beginning in the year 1553. That book was St. Ignatius's own account of his life and its most important events, in his own estimation. The original manuscript was then translated into Latin and came down throughout the ages in the third person. For greater reading ease, the present volume is written in the first person, engaging the reader more intimately and in the manner Saint Ignatius must have spoken when he dictated the story of his life.
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"The Book of Miracles: 
The Healing Work of Joao de Deus - John of God"
Casa Guide  Josie  RavenWing  

The Book of Miracles is a first hand, inspiring account of the daily miracles of healing that have taken place at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil.
 The luminous and breathtaking stories within this book will stretch the beliefs of some readers, affirm and deepen the faith of others.  All will receive empowering information of their own personal healing.  Author  Josie  RavenWing, has been a very active Casa Guide since 1998 and  takes 10 groups each year to the Casa in Brazil.
To order her book, you can contact  Josie directly at

 or go to 

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New Casa Prayers CD
Created with the help of the Entities
by Grainne McEntee
For years, many people have approached me after the Current sessions and inquired if there was a recording of the prayers in English, from the first Current room. This prompted me to ask the Entity, who was receptive and  happy to grant me permission to do this work. 
So this CD was born to help people leaving Abadiania to connect with the Current when 
 they go back home.
It is available at the Casa bookstore, and you can contact Grainne at Café Central or on for more information.

John of God's June 
Birthday Celebration 

On June 29th 2018, we celebrated 
Medium  Joao's 76th birthday. 
It was a wonderful night of festivities for this extraordinary man, and his phenomenal mission, over 60 years serving humanity.



Happy Birthday to our 
Beloved Medium Joao!!
New Movies and Documentaries

Cande Salle´s documentary film 
"Silence is a Prayer"   has been released in Brazil and soon will be released in other countries around the world starting in France. 

The Guides of the Casa
Daniele Duluc, a Casa Guide from France, has made a beautiful film on YouTube, interviewing several Casa Guides which she hopes will assist people to find their way to the Casa and John of God.
For more information about Daniele email her at

Testimonials and Physical Interventions.
The Entity told Wagner, a Casa volunteer, to collect healing stories to be made into a DVD which is now selling in the Casa bookstore.


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Distance Healing 
Through Casa Herbs
F or a List of Guides who do a service, taking Photos to the Casa and John of God for Distance healing through the Casa Herbs Click Link:
Note: The cost of this service should be between $65.00 and $85.00USD or equivalent, including regular postage and depending upon what country you and the Guide performing the service, are in.


Casa Guide Advice Tips:
Waterfall Protocols 2.0
The Waterfall protocols are posted all over 
the village, in Pousada's, at the Casa and 
several places down at the waterfall itself.

Here are some reminders and further 
details to help us follow the protocols and 
to keep things flowing smoothly down 
at the Casa Waterfall. 

*ALL waiting Women go together, in 
groups or individuals, then ALL waiting men 
go together in groups or individuals, closing 
the gate in-between.

*Please be prepared with bathing 
suit or shorts already on when you get to 
the bench after the 1st bridge. Do Not change 
your clothes coming or going when 
you are past the Waterfall gate.

*Walk WITHOUT stopping on or 
over the bridges and past trees. Keep 
everything flowing and going. We 
can use the time as we are walking to 
make inner, silent prayers walking 
across the bridges but please DO NOT STOP.

*Please do not put prayer papers in the triangle down by the waterfall. Put your prayers requests in the triangles up at the the Casa so there is no chance of littering near the falls.

*Take two minutes or less to walk 
across the final bridge, bathe in the 
falls and walk back across the bridge 
so the next person can go in. The entire 
visit should not exceed two minutes.

*It is important that we DO NOT 
turn our backs on the person in the waterfall 
as we are there to witness and hold energetic 
space. This is also an important safety issue.

*There should be NO ritual,  group 
prayer, out loud singing, poetry, chanting, 
screaming, etc. done by the guide or individuals 
at the waterfall areas. Before going down the hill, 
at the Taxi area is the place to give instructions 
and opening and closing prayers. 

*There is NO filming, or photos allowed 
in the waterfall areas. NO EXCEPTIONS.

*Please do not take anything from the 
waterfall area including water and do not leave 
anything down there. 

*If you would like a special blessing 
with the water for crystals please use the  
Casa Blessed Water rather than taking them 
down and into the waterfall. This helps with 
keeping things moving and is a safety issue as well. 

*Each time we come to the Casa we 
need new permission passes to the waterfall. 
The waterfall passes from our last trip do 
not apply to our current trip.

Click this Link to the Casa Waterfall Protocols 
on the Friends of the Casa website Appendix H:


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               Casa Soup Kitchen


FOC Casa Blessed Soup Pot 


      FOC Casa picture of Blessed Soup       

Donations of clothes for all ages,
toys, blankets etc are always welcome 
for the soup kitchen.
The Casa accepts donations for various charity projects related to the mission of John of God. Be advised that neither the Friends of the Casa nor any of the Staff or Volunteers at the Casa are allowed to accept donations in the name of the Casa.
For information on how to donate go to:



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Crystal Bed Photos

  FOC Crystal Bed Image 2

FOC crystal Bed Crystal Point 1


        Featured Entity of the Casa                   St Ignatius de Loyola
       Dom Inacio is the Patron Saint of the Casa
"For those who believe no words are necessary. 
For those who do not believe 
no amount of words are sufficient" 
                                                  St Ignatius de Loyola  


~What is a Novena?~
By Grainne McEntee
~FOC Lead Reporter ~
~Casa Current Room Volunteer~

A novena is a series of prayers that are said for 9 straight days, usually as a prayer of petition but sometimes as a 
prayer of thanksgiving.
 It is a formulated prayer that uses a script to vocalize the thoughts, feelings and needs we have that perhaps we may 
not be  able to  convey on our own.
  A particular Saint can be invoked to bring our intentions 
before  the throne of God.
Each of the days we can reflect on the life of the Saint and 
meditate on their trails. 
A Novena can be said anytime and seems to be most effective 
when said on the specific dates designated.
 It can be a collective consciousness asking the Divine Power for help.
We unite ourselves to the will of God and by concentration on special intentions for 9 days we are placing prayer in a high place of importance. We trust in God to calm us, uplift us and provide us with 
confidence, comfort and peace.
The word novena means 9 in Latin
The number "nine" has a great symbolic richness.
 On the one hand, it is derived from the Trinity and Divine number "three" - being "three times three".
 In the Christian tradition Saint Paul enumerates nine fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
It's the number of the hierarchy, represented by nine 
choruses of the Angels.
Often the Entity when he is doing physical interventions often says I am working on 9 places in the body.

The Catholic Church explains the Novena in this way .....
Before Christ ascended into heaven, he commanded his Apostles to remain in the city of Jerusalem for the nine days until the feast of Pentecost, and there to await the descent of the Holy Spirit. With this, our Savior instituted the practice of the Christian Novena - nine days of prayer, especially in preparation for a solemn feast or in 
petition for  some special grace.
Christ Jesus commanded this first novena both as a period of preparation (since the feast of Pentecost was approaching) and also as an act of petition (for the Apostles, together with Mary, were pleading for the  Holy Spirit to come as their Advocate).
Whatever our beliefs we can ask the Divine power for help any time  and the Novena is a good place to start.

Sacred Trinity of 
Innumerable Names

By Grainne McEntee
~FOC Lead Reporter ~
~Casa Current Room Volunteer~
 The Triangle is very significant in The Casa. It is a portal where we place our petitions, prayers, and intentions, asking for help from the Divine power.
There are many interpretations of this sacred symbol.
In the Christian tradition The Triangle represents three persons, in one God. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  All of creation is from the Father, through the Son, and in The Holy Spirit. The three sides of The Triangle are infinite, they have no beginning and no end.
Dom Inácio, the patron saint of The Casa, taught about the Trinity; with God at the top, "self" at the bottom left point, "other" at the right, and a heart in the center. St. Ignatius came to understand that the purpose of human existence is intimate connection with an "other," and the Divine.
The motto of the Jesuits  is "To love and to serve in all things for the greater glory of God."
Faith, Love, and Charity are the words used to describe The Casa Triangle.
St. Paul, in a letter to the Corinthians, substituted the word Hope for Charity in his version.
Father, Mother, God, is another interpretation of this sacred symbol, encompassing all of  Creation. The Egyptians believed that the Pyramids were a gateway to the cosmological realms. The Star of David, in the Jewish tradition, is comprised of two intersecting triangles. As above, so below, interconnects the words of the Lords Prayer: "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."
An effective way to approach the triangle is to imagine the base of the triangle as the Earth, and the two arms pointing heavenwards, in prayer. We place our petitions on the base, as we live on the physical plane, and we ask for help from above. By positioning our arms on the sides of The Triangle, our third eye in the center, and our crown chakra aligned with the apex- our intentions go upwards. We are asking for help from a Higher Power. The Entities are waiting to receive our requests and bring them to the powers that be, to answer our prayers. Handing our supplications over is an act of surrender. 
 We can  bring a prayer triangle  with us when we leave this sacred ground of Abadiania and place it in our homes, for protection. It is  a symbol of hope and will strengthen our faith as we bring our intentions to the Alter of the Divine.
  Ask and You Shall Receive

New Casa Current 
at the Outlook

By  Marijke Kapusta  
~Casa Recommended Guide~

In May of 2018, The Entities extended The Current area to include the garden look-out terrace. I am Marijke, it was a wonderful surprise and honor for me to receive the Entity's blessings to be the medium holding space for the participants. My role is to lead the current work, by reading prayers and caring for the participants in case they need support.

The look-out terrace is situated in the Casa gardens, which is a beautiful space. The view is breathtaking and we sometimes have toucans visiting us at the start time of the current. The black birds and canaries come during the work singing their beautiful songs for us. There is a nice breeze flowing and we have the Casa music playing as well. 

In the inside Current, when we need to leave to use the restroom, or stretch our legs, we are not able to rejoin The Current. Now we may rejoin the energetic work, just the same, on The Terrace Current. This space is now reserved for overflow, when the inside rooms are full and for anyone from The Current Rooms that has left to use the restroom. The work begins on at the Terrace Current at the same time it does in the inside Current Rooms, 7:45am and 2:45pm.

The Terrace is also open to anyone who is freshly out of Intervention. After the 24 hour rest period is finished, Participants can join The Current from the Terrace, whereas in the past, it was asked that they wait 48 hours before returning to The Current or Main Hall.

The name "Current" is a direct translation of the Portuguese word, "Corrente," meaning chain. In Portuguese, this word has a sort of double meaning- chain, as in connected by links and also current or stream, as in, an electrical current. During the energy work, we sit with our eyes closed, legs and arms uncrossed, next to one another. We are connected like the links of a chain, and at the same time, the energy that is moving and manipulated by the spirit entities is running through us like a stream, or electrical current.

Through reading the prayers, during the work, the energy is magnified and showered over us. When Participants are finding it difficult to keep their eyes closed or are restless, I read a prayer which guides them more deeply into their inner landscape. It is a beautiful work and I am grateful and honored to serve in this way.

Marijke is a Local Casa Guide living in  Abadiania. Contact her at: 

John of God Awarded 
The  Order of Malta

By Sherril Page
~Casa Recommended Guide~

John of God, known in Brazil as Joao de Deus, received the Order of Malta (Maltese Cross) in a special ceremony held on May 4 2018 in Brazil. He was accompanied by his wife Ana and daughter Mariana Francisca. It's an ancient honour that originated in approx. 1099 at the time of the Knights Templar and Hospitalier.
Currently, the Order of Malta is an international sovereign humanitarian organisation, recognized as an entity of international law. This Order runs hospitals and rehabilitation centers. It has 12,500 members, 80,000 permanent volunteers and 20,000 associated health professionals, including doctors, nurses, auxiliaries and paramedics. Its goal is to assist the elderly, the disabled, the refugees, the children, the homeless and those with terminal disease and leprosy, acting on five continents of the world, without distinction of race or religion.
This is a wonderful recognition for the beautiful work of the medium, John of God. The award will be framed and hung in the Photo Museum Room at John of God's healing sanctuary Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania Brazil.
Pic: John of God at his healing sanctuary in Brazil. Dressed in special black vestments for the ceremony, and accompanied by his wife Ana and young daughter Mariana Francisca.

Casa Featured Guide

Curiosity Brought 
me to the Casa
By Christine Wyllie

A mix of curiosity and skepticism is a sign of intelligence. My motto is to question everything and prove it to myself through experience. My first trip to the Casa was fueled by curiosity, or so I thought. I was healthy and I did not understand what was going on here, I was told that it was a spiritual hospital where an extraordinary medium was facilitating miraculous healing by allowing highly evolved beings called "Entities" to take over his body and perform healing. I had to go.
What I experienced at the Casa, catapulted my life into another dimension. My fears dissipated after my first encounter with the Entity; the love and power flowing from his piercing eyes was tangible, I knew he could see right through me, and I was safe.
As medium João keeps reminding us, he does not do magic- all healing, growth, and evolution requires patience, perseverance, and faith. The Entities expect us to do our part. They meet us half way. It is a co-creation. For some, the effect is seemingly immediate, for others healing unfolds over time, and for others additional visits are required. The love and divine energy that flows through John of God touches everyone who visits him.

This humble man Joao Texeira de Faria (John of God), has been a conduit for the miraculous healings the spirits perform for over 60 years. He does it for free and does not accept credit insisting that
"It is not me who cure, God is the Healer, I am simply the vessel."

Since Christine's first visit to the Casa de Dom Inacio in 2008, she has been on a mission to spread the news about this amazing place of healing. She is honored to be an official guide to the Casa De Dom Inacio, She will guide you through your healing process ensuring you are nurtured, cared for and fully supported. And she will take care of all the complex details so you gain the maximum benefit from your visit to the Casa. Christine is an energy worker, TAG Coach and Reiki Master Teacher whose mission is to support and guide people to reconnect with their inner healer and find clarity in all aspects of their life. She is of Mauritian origins fluent in English and Francais. Christine says, "It will be a joy and privilege to accompany you on this sacred journey".

C ontact Christine Wyllie about her group travel to the Casa and John of God at:


The Casa Entities at Work

Healing Stories from Melinda Holland
~Casa Orientation Volunteer~

A Sky Diving Accident:

- After plummeting to the ground at 80 MPH, in a terrible skydiving accident, G, from Lithuania was paralyzed on his right side. On his second visit to The Casa he had an intervention and regained full function. The entity told him that he was healed, but he returned with his partner, at which time The Entity said once again that he was cured.

Don't Worry You Are Next:

-A Brazilian woman in need of a liver transplant traveled to Abadiania as her last hope. Her Doctors had removed the bad half of her liver but still, her condition did not improve. She had a dream that The Entities were operating on the mouth of a child. She did not understand but The Entities told her "do not worry, you are next." She awoke with a large incision on her side and blood on her pajamas. She had no pain, and entered the lines the next day, where The Entity told her that she had received a liver transplant, and wrote the name of her donor on he Passiflora prescription- Richard Kaufman- a 13 year old boy who had passed and was on the Spiritual Plain.

The Saint of the Impossible:

- On The Feast of St. Rita, in May, Linda, from South Africa put a prayer for her very close F]friend/mother-figure and her family. She suffered from neuropathy and had had cancer. Her son had HIV and her daughter had advanced MS, requiring round the clock care. Financially they were struggling, and finding a doctor was near impossible. After putting a prayer in to the triangle, the family was referred to a very capable doctor and have been approved for a disability grant to help with the high cost of medications. St. Rita is The Saint of The Impossible, and is working tirelessly behind the scenes at The Casa.

Request for Cases of Healing from the Casa


My name is Dr. Rick Sheff,  and I am a medical doctor in the United States. I have been coming to the Casa de Dom Inacio for 10 years and have experienced extraordinary gifts of healing and spiritual growth for myself and loved ones for which I am deeply grateful. 

This past June as I was sitting in current, I was inspired to write an article documenting some of the best spiritual healing stories from the Casa that demonstrate the work of Medium João. The purpose of this article is to document in a highly respected scientific journal a small number of truly compelling examples of spiritual healing to help initiate a paradigm shift in medicine that will integrate the science of today's medicine with spirituality to begin to create the medicine of the future. We also want to support and honor the work of the Casa.
That afternoon I went before the entity and asked if he would support this idea.  He was very happy to support it and authorized me to contact people to find the right cases to describe in the article.

So I am reaching out to you to help us by asking you to submit a description of your healing story or  that of someone you know.

The criteria for cases we seek for this article are:

  • Clear resolution or dramatic improvement in an established medical diagnosis following one or multiple experiences at the Casa
  • Medical records exist that document the condition before and after treatment at the Casa (it doesn't matter what language the medical records are in).

Dr. Barbara Letorneau, another physician who has been to the Casa many times and is now a Casa guide, has joined the team for this project and will be helping to review all the cases submitted.

We want to thank you in advance for your willingness to help with this endeavor and also ask that you to hold us in your prayers and intend the success of this mission with us.

Yours in Love and Light,

Rick Sheff MD


To see if your healing story might qualify for this article, please send an email to briefly describing your experience of healing.  Please note, that even if you do not have the medical evidence but you know it exists  somewhere, we can, with your authorization, contact the physicians, hospitals or other medical institutions to retrieve the records.

    John of God Casa Crystal Beds  
Around the World
     Those of you who have been to the Casa will be familiar with the Crystal bed - the Entity regularly 'prescribes' sessions on the bed to help supplement the healing process. There are twelve, plus, crystal beds located in buildings adjacent to the main Casa building. Each bed has 7 quartz crystals suspended above the bed which align with and correspond to, the 7 chakras of the human body. A session consists of lying on the bed for approximately 20 minutes, or more, while listening to soothing music. The crystals radiate color to the respective chakras to cleanse them and to balance their energies. The Entity may prescribe crystal-bed therapy for you, or you may choose to have a therapeutic session on your own.
     On our website, we provide a list of individuals who were given special permission from the Entity to purchase one of these crystal beds, thereby enabling them to offer these unique treatment sessions all around the world.
     The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatments. The full listing of crystal beds around the world is available on the Friends of the Casa website, in our
Casa Crystal Bed Section 

Gosia Zieba 
Wheelers Hill, Victoria
+61 415 639 940


Cécile Piraprez & Gilles Fontugne  
Rue de Froidemont 21


Safiya Randera
Heart of Earth Heart of Sky
Toronto, Ontario

9, impasse Viviani 81100 CASTRES 
+33661749971 (whatsapp)

Nicole Schnider
+ 41 (0)79 302 41 40 Leave a message or WhatsApp 

Cassandra Cotham 
Ojai, California

Diane Sova 
Santa Barbara, California

Jennifer Niemczyk 
Portsmouth, NH 03801

As a Friend of the Casa we invite you to contribute to the Website as follows: 
  • If you have just returned from Abadiania or are aware of any changes / updates to information and prices please let us know. Thank you.
  • Submit your story to be included in the Healing Stories section
  • On the Friends of the Casa Website Photo Gallery we will feature a selection of Casa photos submitted by our friends from all over the world. Please email any photo(s) you would like to submit for this feature
  • Submit a review of the books / DVDs / videos listed on the website
  • If you have just returned from Abadiania we invite you to update us with any news from the Casa
  • Your views and advice on how we can improve the website are always welcome