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Friends of the Casa NEWSLETTER March 2017
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Featured Casa Entity ~ St Rita of Cascia
Prayer is a Progress...By Grainne McEntee
Featured Book...By...Virginia Rebata
St Rita at Work Melinda Holland
Casa Featured Guides...Jan & Ewa Zubel
FeatGrainne's...St. Rita Miracles
The Entities at Work.~ Healing Stories from Melinda Holland
Casa Guide Advice Tips ~ By Sean Durkin
Casa Crystal Beds~ Around the World - New additions
  John of God's 
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Official Recommended Casa
Guide's Travel Schedule
It is recommended that new comers go with a Casa Guide to visit John of God. The Casa is filled to overflowing with hundreds of people from all over the world. There are many protocols, on how to take care of yourself, during your Casa treatment, what to do, and where to go, while you are there, which the Casa recommended Guides will help you to navigate. You can focus on what is important to your healing process, and you are sure to get the most support and highest benefit. The Casa Guide provides all the logistics, ie taxi, lodging, translation, individual support, Casa Protocols, including care before, during and after 
your healing journey and deep experience.  

FOC Guide Listing Facilitator
To be Listed as a Guide
on the
Friends of the Casa Website
Peter Waugh
If you have been authorized by the Entity to bring groups to the Casa, please contact Peter Waugh at for further information on how to be listed
as a Casa Guide on
The Friends of the Casa Website.

Peter Waugh is an official Casa Guide living in
New Zealand.
For more information about Peter and his Casa Group Travel to Brazil, go to his website: 
New Casa Prayers CD
Created with the help of the Entities
by Grainne McEntee
For years, many people have approached me after the Current sessions and inquired if there was a recording of the prayers in English, from the first Current room. This prompted me to ask the Entity, who was receptive and  happy to grant me permission to do this work. 
So this CD was born to help people leaving Abadiania to connect with the Current when 
 they go back home.
It is available at the Casa bookstore, and you can contact Grainne at Café Central or on for more information.

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Updated Guide Book
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The Casa Guide Book has been updated
Since February 2017

Casa Guide, Sean Durkin, made the FOC website
two new schedule pages.

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Casa Weekly Events and Functions Calendar

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Christmas at the Casa


New Years Eve 2016



John of God, Grainne 
& her St Rita Statue

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Distance Healing 
Through Casa Herbs
F or a List of Guides who do a service, taking Photos to the Casa and John of God for Distance healing through the Casa Herbs Click Link:
Friends of the Casa 
Guides Travel Schedule 
Note: The cost of this service should be between $65.00 and $85.00USD or equivalent, including regular postage and depending upon what country you and the Guide performing the service, are in.


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Update on Returning to Current 
The protocols changed in February 2017 concerning the time you can return to Current 

You must rest 24 hours, and then wait another 24 hours before returning to Current, thus 48 hours. This translates into 4 sessions away from the Current including the session you received your intervention in.

   Because the current room energies and work is very powerful, Y ou can return ONLY to Current Room 1 or The Medium´s Current Room after your 48 hours  "keep away time" following any intervention, even if you have permission and normally sit in a different room  for the 1st session, after your intervention.

After the 24 hours, you can come into the Casa Gardens and have crystal beds and the soup. After 24 hours you can observe the interventions on stage if you have not seen them. If you have an intervention, you can not go in the second time line until your revision session is passed. You can go in the lines one time only per day. Only go into current if you are feeling good, if not rest more. 

The other rules that apply to interventions have 
remained the same. 

Please go to the orientations on a return trip to the Casa as things change.


               Casa Soup Kitchen


FOC Casa Blessed Soup Pot 


      FOC Casa picture of Blessed Soup       

Donations of clothes for all ages,
toys, blankets etc are always welcome 
for the soup kitchen.
The Casa accepts donations for various charity projects related to the mission of John of God. Be advised that neither the Friends of the Casa nor any of the Staff or Volunteers at the Casa are allowed to accept donations in the name of the Casa.
For information on how to donate go to:



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Crystal Bed Photos

FOC crystal Bed Crystal Point 1


          Featured Casa Entity     
St Rita of Cascia
      The first Entity Spirit to appear to John of God
                           (1381 to May 22, 1456)
St. Rita of Cascia, known as the Saint of the Impossible, was an Augustinian Nun who lived in Italy between 1386 and 1456. 
May 22 is her feast day

~St Rita of Cascia
By Grainne McEntee
~FOC Lead Reporter ~
~Casa Current Room Volunteer~

St Rita, an only daughter, a wife, mother, widow and nun, is known as the Saint of the Impossible .
She bore the stigmata of the crown of thorns on her forehead and is seen as a  champion of women's issues and those problems in life, we in our limited thinking, deem impossible.
She was the first Entity to appear to Medium  Joao when he was eight years old, just a boy, and communicated 
 to him his mission.
Her life of suffering and her devotion to Jesus 
 was, and still is today, inspirational .
As with many Saints her body lies inexplicably 
incorrupt, in her casket in  Cascia, Italy .
 Many miracles have been attributed to this great Saint. 
 Pray to her and she will help you.
 Read more about her life and times in Virginia's  book, featured below, in this newsletter.

Click Below For The 

Prayer is a Work 
in Progress

By Grainne McEntee
~FOC Lead Reporter ~
~Casa Current Room Volunteer~

 When we suffer we turn to God . 
Finally, we ask for help, we pray.
 God never abandons us, His children. He is always listening to us and answering our prayers, in a myriad of different ways usually not direct or obvious.
Prayer in its essence, has to be heart felt. Rattling off a few prayers in a state of panic, on our knees, is just an exercise which often goes unanswered. Its about the  intention behind it.  It doesn't have to be a long complicated diatribe. Simplicity is all encompassing.
We need to be contrite, genuine, real, true.
 As we ask for help, outside of ourselves, we are handing everything over to our Creator, this Higher Wisdom. It is a leap of faith and our faith will heal us.
Prayer has an almighty vibration. We don't know by what methods rare, but this we know, God answers prayer. 
Prayer can truly change our lives. It is the spark that ignites us on our healing journey back home to the Celestial fields.
Prayer nourishes the soul just as food nourishes the body. By praying we learn to pray. Why worry, when you can pray. Worrying is only praying for what you don't want.
So let us put the same amount of energy in asking God to help us, as we do in stressing about our problems . When we change the vibration to positive there is more power in our thoughts .There is no right or wrong way to pray. 
 Even silence is a prayer .
I used to think that prayer changes things. Now I know that prayer changes us and we change things.

When illness manifests in our bodies, mental, emotional, spiritual, it is a wake up call, an opportunity for growth. 
We ask for favors in prayer and God gives us opportunities. We don't get what we want we get what is necessary. What we think we need, and what we actually need, are usually two entirely different things  .
 When we pray, we are  asking specifically for help and then handing it all  over to The Higher Power. Go to the triangle and leave your requests there . Bring a small wooden triangle with you when you leave  and repeat 
 this action in your home.
We can pray to whatever saint, holy person or ascended master we resonate with. There is only one God and we are asking this same God for help no matter what our creed , belief  system or dogma.  It is the God consciousness, All There Is, sacred Trinity of innumerable names.
Praying is letting go and this is growing up. which takes courage. We experience growth pains. Be not afraid. Everything passes. Patience wins all things .
To pray is to surrender, to trust, to have faith, to believe in something other, bigger, more powerful than us, that embodies us and loves us beyond measure .

Thy will be done not my will.
 Easier said than done!!
Let us Pray.
   Featured Book   
 Virginia Rebata
     Casa Guide~Spiritual Author     

Gina Talks about St Rita's Book

     It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to put to pen and paper "The Voice of Saint Rita:  Meditations on the Saint of Impossibilities."  I always say that it is "her book, not mine."  I have merely been a humble vessel for my beloved Mother Rita.  I have received many, many stories about how Saint Rita connects with readers through the book. Sometimes she begins to appear to them...sometimes she begins to talk with them...sometimes readers smell roses and then have apparitions of her...sometimes readers are touched by her love and cry. One day I walked into the Dom Inacio store to see an elderly woman from France sitting in the chair in the corner crying out of pure joy with the book of Saint Rita in her lap. There is no doubt in my mind that her divine feminine energy is extending out into the world to help us humans through her book. As the book says, she wants to do greater works in the world to help heal the Earth in a greater way. 

     Many readers have reported that they have received messages to do the Novena at the back of the book...a prayer to her each day for nine days. When people have asked for something specific in their lives and asked it dutifully for nine days through the Novena, it totally manifests!

     I have many beautiful stories about Saint Rita's intercession in people's lives. My favorite one is about a beautiful client of mine whom I love dearly as my spiritual daughter...a young, wise woman in her early thirties from New York City who ardently wanted to have a child with her husband.  During her first visit to Abadiania her reproductive system, which had not been functional for years, was healed during a powerful intervention. Two years following, she was very sad and heart sick that she could not conceive a child. So she began doing the Novena and praying every day to Santa Rita. One night while in meditation Saint Rita came to her and told her that she "must love the unlovable."  She said that once she began to "love the unlovable," that she would conceive the very high level soul that is wanting to come through her. Within a week she was pregnant!!

     Another favorite of mine is about Daniel Prates who is my Portuguese professor/tutor who translated the book to Portuguese. While he was translating the book, one perfect pink rose appeared in a rose bush in his garden. The bush had not flowered in many years and he had presumed it was dead. Now the bush is about ten feet tall with bright pink roses overflowing from it!  Since he translated the book, which was his first, he was given abundance through four more books to translate!

     So I wish each of you much healing, joy, love and abundance as you deepen your knowledge of Saint Rita through this celebration of her in the Friends of the Casa Newsletter!!
Much Love,

For more information on Virginia (Gini) Rebata and her 
Guided Travel to John of God in Brazil:

~ St Rita at Work ~
by Melinda Holland
Casa Orientations Volunteer 

There are lots of people are praying to St Rita 
in the Casa Current or putting 
prayers to her in the triangle. 

There was a Dutch woman, staying at my house, who lost her wallet.  After hearing about St Rita she put a prayer in the triangle at the Casa. Subsequently her wallet was returned back to her room at my house. She also went for a final waterfall and prayed to St Rita during this waterfall.  Saint Rita came like she did with Jay from China, and sent her golden healing light. This brought the use of her arm back, and helped with shoulder pain from a car accident. Also she had a big trigger of childhood abuse at the 
same time, leading to emotional release. 
We suspect she was being worked 
on on many levels.

In December we had with us Jay, a young Chinese man, who was educated in Australia. When he came, he had read everything he could find on the Casa and the Entities including Saint Rita. He was telling me he prayed to each Entity 1000 times with no results. Finally he prayed to Saint Rita.  Jay had polio as a child and is coming here for motor neurone disease. Saint Rita came and healed the dysfunction of his left arm with golden healing light. It was 100% ok after that current session. We took his testimonial at this point for the Casa. One week later Jay was very happy to tell me that again he was praying to Saint Rita, and she came again and totally healed his right arm with golden healing light. He is a graphic artist so needs his hands for work. He is very happy and feels blessed. We hope his progress continues on future trips here.

Our Beloved Casa Guide, DIana Rose, wrote 
to us about her St Rita story: 
"Here is the photo of my St. Rita statue that appeared in a large plastic bag from the Casa that contained many smaller bags of blessed Casa herbs. 
A couple years ago I was packing my suitcase with the many small bags of Casa blessed herbs that I was bringing home for others. When I got to the bottom of the large plastic bag that held the many small bags, I shook the last ones from the large bag and this small statue of St. Rita came out too! Wow!!! I am still amazed and 
filled with appreciation!
 She is beautiful and she is my little special 
miracle treasure!"


   Casa Featured Guides
Jan & Ewa Zubel
Ewa & Jan Zubel  are Beloved, Casa recommended Guide's, based in the New Jersey, New York , Binghamton area of the United States. They guide people from all over the world to experience the healing sanctuary of John of God and the 
Entities of Light and Love.
Ewa , after a number of profound experiences in realms of Light and years of patiently working on improving her inner self, she began to perceive the multidimensionality of existence. Being in touch with the" feeling world', she was able to return to Self ."The True Self that you lost in this Turmoil.,"  she was told.  In turn, this led her to study vibrational fields and she discovered that peoples bodies, their field, were giving her far more information than their spoken words.
After experiencing complete healing in the  loving presence of  Dr. Augusto and many other Spirits at The Casa, Ewa received a blessing from the  Entity to acquire Crystal Light Bed.
During one of her following visits, the Entity recognized Ewa as "A Daughter of The Casa" making her part of the Casa Family and also an official Casa Guide.
Holding this close to her heart, she joyfully works for the healing to continue throughout the world.

Jan, has been pursuing his inner work for many years. Always supportive of his wife Ewa, he concentrated quietly on his spiritual path, while working and providing for those around him. His deep calling has taken him to Abadiania where he received physical healing from numerous illnesses, beginning to weigh on his body. His profound understanding and caring for others has always emanated  from him. On his very first journey to the Casa De Dom Inacio, Jan has been invited by Entity to become "A Son of The Casa" and 
bring groups to John of God in Brazil.

Honored with this assignment Ewa and Jan work as a Casa Guide team, as they fulfill their Mission of Loving Service, taking care of all the details and logistics, so you can relax, let go and receive.
They work together and support one another with focus on Service of the true calling.

Jan and Ewa also speak the Polish language
     Mozna kontaktowac sie takze w jezyku polskim.

C ontact Ewa and Jan about their group travel to the Casa and John of God at:
Ewa & Jan Zubel
Ph. (732)-930-1466

 St. Rita Miracles
By Grainne McEntee

Recently, in Ireland, I was treated  for conjunctivitis  which I didn't have. I had a severe corneal ulcer, and steroids were making it worse. In an emergency, I needed to attend an eye specialist. 
First miracle, she agreed to see me, even with a long wait list, 22  kms away by taxi and I had 40 minutes to get there before she went on vacation .
She stressed the seriousness of my ulcer, as I was in danger of losing my eye, and on the condition that I kept my eye hydrated, for the long journey back to Brazil, later that day, she was liberating me to go. The other option was an ambulance to a private 
eye hospital in Dublin, 
an hour away,  at huge expense.
The eye doctors fee was cheap, only 100 euros. When she told me she didn't take cash, I was relieved, ,as in my haste I had no paper money and the taxi man took me there and back in good faith, the second miracle!
I offered her my debit or credit card. She declined both. I asked her how she usually got paid, and she replied casually "only by cheque.!" 
I was gobsmacked. Who writes cheques these days?
I opened my bag to find my phone to call 
 someone, anyone for help.
First, out comes my  sweet St Rita statue which I was squeezing and praying at feverishly. When I put her on the table my new found specialist was agog. Then my journal and finally my cell were displayed in a row.
I hesitated and heard a voice saying, 
 "open your diary" which I did.
There in front of our eyes was my Irish 
cheque book, which  hadn't seen for years .
"I have a cheque book" I exclaimed .
 "Yes you do" replied my eye lady nonchalantly, 
not realizing the 
 depth of this the biggest and third miracle.

Later when I got back to Brazil I continued to 
ask for the intercession 
 of St Rita and finally she snapped in two. Ha!
Thank you Saint Rita for all of these impossible mysterious miracles.

The Casa Entities at Work

Healing Stories from Melinda Holland
~Casa Orientation Volunteer~

Laura's Story:

We have taken the testimonial or history from a girl called Laura from the USA. Laura was also asked by the Entity to speak about her story and cure on stage at the Casa De Dom Inacio. Laura was diagnosed with RSDS and arrived here in a wheelchair. She had two trips here and 3 interventions. She no longer needs the wheelchair and has no pain, and is now thinking of going back to ballet her great love. She tells me that she can now do the splits. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS), also known as complex regional pain syndrome, is a rare disorder of the sympathetic nervous system that is characterized by chronic, severe pain. This disorder caused Laura so much pain that she could not walk and was in a wheelchair. She is very grateful for her healing. Her cure at the Casa has made a huge difference to her life.

New Guide's Story:

I recently met a fairly new guide, he is either Russian or German, but has several languages including English. He was telling me that he was cured of stomach cancer in two visits. But the most important cure to him was that of his son, who was cured of a major depression at the Casa de Dom Inacio, At 8 years old, the school kept his boy back at school by a year.  This caused the depression. Hospitalization and heavy antidepressants prescribed by the doctors did not work. The man and his wife decided with objection from the hospital, to bring the son here for a summer at the Casa de Dom Inacio. He spent the summer sitting in current and was cured and now all is ok, and he is happily back at school. His father is really grateful and wishes to share the blessings from here by bringing people that would like help. 

Jana's Story:

Jana is a woman from Bulgaria but lives in Australia. She had the Lou Gerigs Disease or Motor Neurone Disease, that effects speech and leaves you in a wheelchair. It's horrible to see advanced cases of it. Jana went to 5 specialist doctors and they all gave her the same diagnosis. She arrived at the Casa on sticks and the Entity said he would help. She went home and got worse, and then she came on a frame. When she returned home she worsened. She came on another trip to the Casa but when she went back home, was admitted to the hospital on arrival, due to complications. She kept the triangle on her chest and continued to pray, finally she got better and when she came back to the Casa the Entity said she was cured. She walks normally now and has no issues. The 5 doctors said they had misdiagnosed her as they could not explain this situation as there is no known cure for her condition.

Casa Guide Advice Tips: 
Listen for Special Instructions after EVERY Spiritual Intervention
         By Sean Durkin ~ 
Abadiania Local Casa Guide
     As many who have come to the Casa know, the Entities often alter the post intervention instructions, which makes it essential that 
all guides and visitors, new and returning,  check with the people doing the official Casa orientations every time they have an intervention to see what changes and supplemental instructions have been made.

For more information on Sean Durkin and his personal local Guide Services:
    John of God Casa Crystal Beds  
Around the World
     Those of you who have been to the Casa will be familiar with the Crystal bed - the Entity regularly 'prescribes' sessions on the bed to help supplement the healing process. There are twelve, plus, crystal beds located in buildings adjacent to the main Casa building. Each bed has 7 quartz crystals suspended above the bed which align with and correspond to, the 7 chakras of the human body. A session consists of lying on the bed for approximately 20 minutes, or more, while listening to soothing music. The crystals radiate color to the respective chakras to cleanse them and to balance their energies. The Entity may prescribe crystal-bed therapy for you, or you may choose to have a therapeutic session on your own.
     On our website, we provide a list of individuals who were given special permission from the Entity to purchase one of these crystal beds, thereby enabling them to offer these unique treatment sessions all around the world.
     The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatments. The full listing of crystal beds around the world is available on the Friends of the Casa website, in our
Casa Crystal Bed Section 

Ali Taggart 
Elevating Health
Forestville, NSW
0419 246 860

Colleen Patrice
Encinitas, CA

Avian Thibault
Asheville, North Carolina

Terri Allen
Angels of Light 
+ 971 50 6554814


Jacqui Gray 

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