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Featured Article
Prayer is a Progress...By Grainne McEntee
Featured Book...By...Virginia Rebata
Casa Featured Guides...Jan & Ewa Zubel
The Entities at Work.~ Healing Stories from Melinda Holland
Casa Crystal Beds~ Around the World - New additions
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Guide's Travel Schedule
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It is recommended that new comers go with a Casa Guide to visit John of God. The Casa is filled to overflowing with hundreds of people from all over the world. There are many protocols, on how to take care of yourself, during your Casa treatment, what to do, and where to go, while you are there, which the Casa recommended Guides will help you to navigate. You can focus on what is important to your healing process, and you are sure to get the most support and highest benefit. The Casa Guide provides all the logistics, ie taxi, lodging, translation, individual support, Casa Protocols, including care before, during and after 
your healing journey and deep experience.  

FOC Guide Listing Facilitator
To be Listed as a Guide
on the
Friends of the Casa Website
Peter Waugh
If you have been authorized by the Entity to bring groups to the Casa, please contact Peter Waugh at for further information 
 on how to be listed as a Casa Guide on
The Friends of the Casa Website.

Peter Waugh is an official Casa Guide 
living  in New Zealand.
For more information about Peter and his Casa Group Travel to Brazil, go to his website: 
John of God At Omega 
9th Year in Rhinebeck New York, USA


Featured Book  

        John of God:  The Brazilian Healer                    Who's  Touched the Lives of Millions

                  By Heather Cumming 
~ Casa Recommended Guide ~
   ~ Official Translator to John of God ~ 


What began as an endeavor to document the testimonials of John of God's remarkable healings has now become the first complete, authorized portrait of his world. Stirring words and vivid photographs -- many of which capture the haunting spiritual energy that surrounds John of God and the Casa -- take us on an affecting and deeply personal journey with the humble medium who offers hope for people with none. The result is an intimate portrait of an ordinary individual in extraordinary circumstances and a reading experience that will bring readers of every persuasion  closer to their Faith. 
Go TO: 
Facebook: Tours to John of God 
Heather Cumming 

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ALS Miracle at Omega

By Michele Denise
~Casa Recommended Guide~
~Crystal Bed Therapist~ 

     The Omega event was a beautiful and inspiring event.  I helped my friend Robert and his wife come to NY after his diagnosis of ALS. He was weak and discouraged at the rapid progression.  I asked him to please have faith.  As we sat in current that afternoon, I heard the Entity's voice and Heather telling everyone to open their eyes. I was in awe looking at Robert and another man, whose cane had been taken.  They were almost marching with the Entity behind them, encouraging them to "lift your legs higher." Tears welled up in my eyes as I saw the healing power of love and support Robert was receiving evident in his long, powerful strides.  
     Robert told me after the session that he had asked the Entity in his mind as he passed to please help and him and that he would be most appreciative, as he had tried everything to heal.  He was almost past the Entity as he extended his hand and Heather told him to come back. The Entity worked on his hands and told Robert that if he came to Brazil twice more, he would be healed. Robert said that the most amazing thing was when the Entity had him look in his eyes, that they felt like two radiating spheres of light. 
     After 11 years of traveling to Brazil myself and guiding so many who have received incredible healings, I have never felt more love and beauty than I did that day; it brought everyone to tears. It built faith in all who witnessed and felt this incredible divine power. Others agreed that they had never had a more powerful day with John of God. I am forever changed for the blessings of being at Omega that day.

Contact Michele Denise for information about her group travel to the Casa de Dom Inacio to  work with  John of God, in Brazil.
Phone: 828 423-1482


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New Casa Prayers CD
Created with the help of the Entities
by Grainne McEntee
For years, many people have approached me after the Current sessions and inquired if there was a recording of the prayers in English, from the first Current room. This prompted me to ask the Entity, who was receptive and  happy to grant me permission to do this work. 
So this CD was born to help people leaving Abadiania to connect with the Current when 
 they go back home.
It is available at the Casa bookstore, and you can contact Grainne at Café Central or on for more information.



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Book of Gratitude
Tribute to Medium John of God
By Tatyana Toshkina
~Casa Recommended Guide~

In this heart warming and inspiring book, Tatyana Toshkina, chronicles a personal account of her miracle child's struggles, triumphs, and the  Spiritual Awakening for the whole family, under the protective and loving embrace of Medium Joao and the Entities of Light and Light working at the Casa de Dom Inacio.

To buy this book go to:
For more information about Tatyana Toshkina and her Guided Groups to John of God 
and the 
 Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil
Distance Healing 
Through Casa Herbs
F or a List of Guides who do a service, taking Photos to the 
Casa and John of God for Distance healing through 
the Casa Herbs Click Link:
Note: The cost of this service should be between $65.00 and $85.00USD or equivalent, including regular postage and depending upon what country you and the Guide performing the service, are in.


Updated Guide Book
and Schedules on
Friends of the Casa Website

The Casa Guide Book has been updated
Since February 2017

Casa Guide, Sean Durkin, updated on 
October 2017, the FOC website's
two new schedule pages.

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Casa Guide Advice Tips: 
Listen for Special Instructions after EVERY Spiritual Intervention
         By Sean Durkin ~ 
Abadiania Local Casa Guide
     As many who have come to the Casa know, the Entities often alter the post intervention instructions, which makes it essential that 
all guides and visitors, new and returning,  check with the people doing the official Casa orientations every time they have an intervention to see what changes and supplemental instructions have been made.

For more information on Sean Durkin and his personal local Guide Services:
Update on Returning to Current 
The protocols changed in February 2017 concerning the time you can return to Current 

You must rest 24 hours, and then wait another 24 hours before returning to Current, thus 48 hours. This translates into 4 sessions away from the Current including the session you received your intervention in.

   Because the current room energies and work is very powerful, Y ou can return ONLY to Current Room 1 or The Medium´s Current Room after your 48 hours  "keep away time" following any intervention, even if you have permission and normally sit in a different room  for the 1st session, 
after your intervention.

After the 24 hours, you can come into the Casa Gardens and have crystal beds and the soup. After 24 hours you can observe the interventions on stage if you have not seen them. If you have an intervention, you can not go in the second time line until your revision session is passed. You can go in the lines one time only per day. Only go into current if you are feeling good, 
if not rest more. 

The other rules that apply to interventions have 
remained the same. 

Please go to the orientations on a return trip to the Casa as things change.


               Casa Soup Kitchen


FOC Casa Blessed Soup Pot 


      FOC Casa picture of Blessed Soup       

Donations of clothes for all ages,
toys, blankets etc are always welcome 
for the soup kitchen.
The Casa accepts donations for various charity projects related to the mission of John of God. Be advised that neither the Friends of the Casa nor any of the Staff or Volunteers at the Casa are allowed to accept donations in the name of the Casa.
For information on how to donate go to:



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Crystal Bed Photos

FOC crystal Bed Crystal Point 1

FOC Crystal Bed Image 2

FOC Crystal Bed image


            Principal Entity 
of  the 
Casa de Dom Inacio

            Dr. Augusto de Almeida.
"My phalange comprises not of ten, nor a hundred, but thousands of Helping Spirits. I am the one who reaches to the very depths of the abyss to save a soul." 
                                          Dr. Augusto de Almeida

~Dr Augusto de Almeida~

Dr Augusto de Almeida is the principle entity that incorporates through John of God at the Casa de Dom Inacio. Very little is recorded about his life, but it is said he was in the military, a rubber tapper and a doctor in previous incarnations.
Heather Cummings says ( that when Dr Augusto incorporates he is recognized for his strong personality and his somewhat authoritarian manner. He is known to be extremely kind and is deeply loved by all.
~All Hallows Eve~ 
All Saints Day ~ All Souls Day

By Grainne McEntee 
     ~Casa Current Room Volunteer~
~FOC Lead Reporter~

     The turn of October into November is a very profound time to be at the Casa de Dom Inacio. On these three days, as we celebrate, All Hallows Eve on October 31st, All Saints Day on November 1st, and all All Souls Day November 2nd , the Spirit Energy work here is palpable. 

     There is a powerful connection between the departed souls and those souls left living here on the planet .
Halloween is about  purging and the ancient festival of Samhain, and seeks to free the souls who are stuck or suffering.
On All Saints day, we call upon, acknowledge and honor those who have attained a place in the Celestial Fields through trial and tribulation here on earth and who triumphed against evil.
During All Souls day, it is the time the Spirits of Love and Light can work most efficiently to assist All Souls, in need of a helping hand, transition to the other side. 

     The Soul's journey into the Spirit Realm, without their physical bodies can be wrought with difficulty depending on their actions or lack of them here on this planet. As we shuffle off our mortal coils, some of our unfinished business is transported to the the other side of the veil. We who remain on earth, still living in bodies, can through our prayers, elevate these dis-incarnate souls needing help.  The veil is very thin, at this time, facilitating a liberation of energy into the Light.

     The Saints by virtue of their godly deeds are equipped, to move quicker into their just reward .
We are all just travelers here and its up to us to either  burn or multiply our karmic debt.  Every action has a reaction. The vibration can be high or low .
As  this universal law applies,  in the Celestial Fields, this particular time of the year is a calling for us to act, bringing  this struggle into our consciousness, helping us to shift the denser energies .

     We, through our prayers, positive thoughts, and invocations open a path of light, drawing our brothers and sisters, without their physical bodies, homeward bound. Our awareness expands into this work.  Seize this opportunity now to invoke the Divine Power, so that when our time comes to leave the earth, we too may enjoy the benefits of those left praying in the physical world for us, asking our Creator to lighten our loads as we make our journey heavenwards. 

As we give so it will be given us.
There is no Saint without a past and 
no sinner without a future.
Ninth John of God Event 
at Omega Institute, 
Rhinebeck New York, 2017
By  Heather  Cumming

~ Casa Recommended Guide ~
~ Official translator / interpreter for John of God ~

Medium João was very pleased to return to The Omega Institute on 3 rd October for the 3 day John of God Event held on the Omega campus. Medium João said he was so happy to be back at Omega for the ninth year and he was deeply touched and grateful for the very warm welcome he received from all, and once again, he felt "quite at home!"
Once again Skip Backus, President and CEO of Omega, Carol Donahoe and the Omega staff worked tirelessly creating perfect support, coordination and impeccable organization that ensured balance, flow  for the work of the Entities of Light.
John of God and our support team from Abadiânia as always, received wonderful hospitality from the moment we landed at JFK.  Laurie and Carol Donahoe, words are inadequate to express our gratitude for all you do for our team.  Thank you for volunteering every year to care and pamper us from dawn to dusk! Beginning with the coffee brewing at 5.30 a.m., delicious breakfasts and driving us to and fro and then ...... resuming your busy schedules and duties at Omega. We so appreciate your devotion and spoiling us with such patience and kindness.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who served the current at Omega and have been so helpful over all these years. Your dedication, love and focus created a pristine energy field for the Entities to perform their divine work and assist all those who attended. 
I especially thank Diana Rose and Bob Dinga who worked tirelessly to support the orientation in The Main Tent and gave clarity for post intervention instruction.
 Josie Ravenwing and your team, the work in the Blessing and Intervention Room was extraordinary.
Barbara Conetta, JoAnn Wolff, Lucy Walker, Peggy Fitzsimmons, Bill Walker, and all who supported the flow in The Entities Current Room - thank you for all your support and flexibility which helped me enormously.
Rosa Haritos and the team in the Infirmary Room, Tom Levy leading the First Current Room -- thank you all from my heart to yours! 
This  support and dedication was greatly appreciated by Medium João, who was relaxed, able to eat and rest after each session, assured of the equilibrium and strong foundation created by all who served and worked at the event.
 The Entity, Dr. Oswald Cruz said that:  the work was being well received and this was due to a deeper faith by participants. 
The Entities work was as usual profound and we are all so very grateful to John of God for his devotion to his mission
This year I was delighted to fulfill a promise I had made some years ago: this was  to take John of God and his family to Disney.  The timing was perfect this year as Mariana, their beautiful daughter, was at the perfect age and is a devoted Minnie and Mickey aficionada! The presence of John of God and his family certainly made the Magical Kingdom even more magical for me!!!
We returned back Abadiânia and repacked immediately for, the very  next day we were on our way  to Rio de Janeiro for the premiere of  "João de Deus - Silence is a prayer".This brilliant documentary filmed and directed by Cande Salles  - (screenwriter Edna Gomes), will soon be on general release.  It was a wonderful evening at the Rio film festival attended by many of the Casa volunteers as well as the general public. Finally we have a Brazilian film honoring our precious John of God  - he is a Brazilian treasure. The film beautifully captures the power of the Entities of light and the medium when incorporated, as well as,  the essence and the humbleness and devotion of this extraordinary man and his mission.
John of God's selfless dedication to his mission continues seamlessly. My gratitude to this dedicated, devoted, humble man and the work of the Entities of Light that work through and around John of God is truly beyond words. May we all send John of God light and pray that his glorious mission may continue for many, many more years and that he truly know how much his mission helps humanity.

Medium João always so humbly insists that he heals no one, who heals is God and the Entities of Light. However, it is through his faith, dedication and devotion to the light and his mission that makes possible the transformation and healing for so many over the last 67 years. Thank you Medium João - John of God!
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Deb Court for her brilliance, creativity and hard work with the FOC newsletter! Immense gratitude Deb and to all who help you!  

With love and light always!!

For more information on Heather Cumming 
and her group travel to the Casa and John of God, 
Author: John of God The Brazilian Healer  - Simon & Schuster

 The Casa  Then and Now
By Diana Rose & Bob Dinga
~Casa Recommeded  Guides~

In 1999 when we first came to the Casa, 77 visits ago, things were very different. There were hardly any foreign visitors, so all instructions and signage were in Portuguese. There were only a few pousadas and there were no shops and no cafes. There were very few taxis. We flagged down a bus on the highway to take us back to Brasilia. Instead of blessed herbs, there was blessed tea in plastic bottles. The Casa buildings were in much need of repair. There were hard benches with no backs or cushions in the current rooms. There were just a few cement benches on the sides in the Main Hall,  so almost everyone stood. 
The first book written in English was Robert Estrich' book called "The Miracle Man".  It circulated far and wide in the late 90's and it brought many foreign visitors, including us, to the Casa. Over the years, people have come from almost every country. More donations have resulted in huge improvements at the Casa, comfortable seating and more covered areas for protection from rain, also new, larger bathrooms, a beautiful Casa café filled with appealing foods, a large Casa bookstore, and a beautiful reception area. The Casa has always welcomed its guests and made things better and better for us all.
When you visit the Casa now, you have a wide variety of pousadas for accommodations, many taxis, blessed herbs in capsules that are easy to transport, many shops and beautiful cafes, orientations in English on Tuesday nights for English speaking visitors and more languages spoken from the stage: Portuguese, English, French and German. 
In 1999 there were 2 American women who gathered all they could about the Casa protocols and offered them as the first written information in English. This was a tiny booklet of 2 typed pages, folded and stapled. Now, with thanks to Diego Coppola who is a Casa volunteer and translator, we have the 40-page Casa Guide books printed in 10 languages, available at the Casa bookstore. Many thanks to Diego for his diligent and generous service in making this happen.
A very helpful development over the years is the availability of Casa guides who come from around the world to help visitors in all languages be supported before and during their Casa visit. At the very least, for the first Casa visit, John of God has recommended that visitors come with the support of a Casa guide to help them.
What has stayed consistent all these years is the love and care each Casa visitor receives from the Entities of Light who work there. When we came in 1999, Bob was nearly blind, but after 4 visits that year, he could again drive a car. We return to the Casa with huge appreciation for all the continued care of the Entities of Light for all these many years.
Bob and I have been bringing groups to the Casa since 1999. Our tour dates are posted on our website We are happy to share the experience of the Casa with love, grace and kindness. 
Thank you, God and thank you, John of God, for continuing your huge mission to help all of us as we come to the Casa with hope and faith in our hearts.

  The Lord Moves in 
Mysterious Ways  
  By Grainne McEntee 
     ~Casa Current Room Volunteer~
~FOC Lead Reporter~  

Earlier this year, on approaching the Entity present in Medium Joao's body, I had just decided not to go to my nieces wedding in Ireland.  The first thing he said to me was, 'Have you got a wedding in your family this year?"  Aghast, I said "Yes".  He replied," I have a message from your dis incarnate family  here , "It's very important that you attend this wedding "  Speechless, I went home and miraculously found a cheap flight.

Arriving the day before the nuptials, I was greeted by my older, only sister Ann, brandishing a statue of the Holy Family and barking at me that I can add it to my collection of silly nuns. She has contempt for my faith. 
This was the first sign that it wasn't really just about the celebration of marriage.

The following day dawned sunny, despite the inclement weather forecast. Thank you Child of Prague. A wonderful day was had by all.  Most of my photos  were balls of light, rainbows  streaking through people, flashes of multi colors, strange fogs, explosions of lights and I seemed to be out of focus in a lot of them. Many people remarked that there was something wrong with my camera until theirs started to do the same thing. I could feel the presence of my late brother Andreas, the father of the bride ,and sensed that it was he who sent me to this party of love light.

As the days unfolded, so too ,the Divine signs.  In my mothers house, just before my brothers 60th birthday party , a  bullying episode prompted me to  run across the road to my local church to pray to St Ann and light candles and as I turned around to leave, someone had etched ´ Central Cafe´ on the wall of the chapel. This is the name of my little cafe in Abadiania near the Casa.

I went to visit my 95 year old friend Peggy, recently retired from the Abbey Bar. She loves the Jesus rings I bring her from the Casa. On entering her kitchen she told me to be quiet as her race was starting on the TV and she had placed a bet. I asked her  the name of the horse and impatiently she scolded  me that  it was underlined in the newspaper on the table.  I looked and laughed and said "Betting on any animal called St Francis of Assisi is futile, he took a vow of poverty with St Claire."  Needless to say the horse came in last and I was blamed for hexing it.

My Casa bracelet exploded off my arm and I thought I had picked up all the pieces. I  woke up in the middle of the night with a voice telling me to go look on the floor. The piece that was missing was Dom Inacio of course.

On visiting a friends house for tea, I randomly took a book off his shelf to browse, opened it and it was the Imitation of Christ, the book Dom Inácio  read in his recovery back to health. 

I was debating one day whether  to go and visit my 92 year old Aunt Maude, my late mothers sister. On ordering a coffee in a nearby cafe, I asked for the wifi password, it was written down and brought to me. My jaw dropped  . Juliascafe was on the paper. My mothers name was Julia . So I dropped everything and went.

One evening I was walking home with my sister and my other niece, beautiful Maude, my late sisters Joan's only child. There, on the the center of the windscreen of my sisters hire car was a single red rose, I said to Maude 
"You know that's a gift from your Mom!" To which she replied, smiling, nodding and pointing Heavenwards, always affirming her Mothers whereabouts.

I could go on ad infinitum, such was the abundance of Divine intervention. However, I will leave you with this.
The night before my return to Brazil, I had a bath and brought one of my mothers many magazines to read. I opened the small publication and on the left hand size was a photo  of Dom Inacio and an article about his conversion. This picture I recognized immediately from the wall of the Casa and its the same as the statue to the left of the Entity .
How I didn't drown I'll never know!

We are always under the protection of God, who manifests in many different ways .
Let us always keep our hearts, our eyes and our options  open to receive.
   Casa Featured Guide
France Jutras

France Jutras,  femme d'affaires prospère décide un jour de quitter le monde des affaires pour se consacrer au mieux-être de l'humanité. 

De nature très positive et grande passionnée par tout ce qui touche l'énergie et permet l'évolution de l'âme, elle découvre sa véritable essence en suivant plusieurs formations en Énergie, Feng shui, Alchimie, Cours en Miracles, Codes de Grabovoï et autres ce qui lui procure tous les outils nécessaires afin de mieux aider les gens en leur offrant du coaching spirituel et plusieurs ateliers.

Puis en 2008 elle écoute l'appel de sa petite voix intérieure, soit de se rendre à la CASA DE DOM INACIO au Brésil... un moment magique où Joao le guérisseur et les entités de lumière lui demandent d'être guide officielle à la Casa lors d'un processus de guérison spirituelle... Depuis ce jour, les entités de lumière divine de la Casa sont toujours présents à ses côtés dans toutes ses interventions pour aider les gens. Ses dons se sont développés très rapidement et elle peut canaliser facilement leurs messages.

Basée au Québec, Canada, France de nature généreuse et humaine, vous offre de vous accompagner dans votre démarche spirituelle vers un mieux-être. Par choix, elle amène que de petits groupes à la Casa afin de consacrer plus de temps à chacun.

Ses clients disent d'elle : C'est un honneur pour moi de l'avoir connu. Elle a illuminé ma vie et ce n'est qu'un début. Sa sagesse et son esprit divin rayonneront sur mon existence. Elle m'a poussé à aller chercher dans ma profondeur les notions mêmes de mon existence qui m'ont tout le temps joué des tours pour pouvoir avancer. 

France est d'une grande disponibilité. Elle est très connectée avec les entités de lumière divine de la Casa. Elle nous aide à voir ce qu'il y a d'enfoui au plus profond de soi et à comprendre d'où vient la source du problème qui nous a amenés à la Casa. Elle nous éclaire sur notre part du travail à faire pour obtenir la libération, la guérison et/ou le mieux-être.  

Vous pouvez rejoindre
France Jutras
par courriel :
Téléphone : 450 880-8886
Site Internet :



The Casa Entities at Work

Healing Stories from Melinda Holland
~Casa Orientation Volunteer~

The Boy Can Walk:

A Brasilian guide Batista, from the state next door, brought to the Casa a Brasilian lady and her 3 year old son. The boy had a blood clot in the brain, suffered paralysis down his left side, could not walk and needed to be carried, and also he could not talk.
Batista originally bought the picture of the boy to the Entity here at the Casa and that night the boy started talking back in his home in the next state. The family were so impressed they all traveled here together with Batista, also bringing the boy. The Entity said he was going to cure the boy. That night in the bus, they carried the boy onto the bus, and when they placed him on the seat, he got up and started walking around. On the next trip all that was over was the paralysis down the left arm and a clenched fist. the Entity said the boy would be cured but the arm would take time. During the filming the boy could not stop talking or walking around so we let him go exploring the backyard of the Casa. The mother is very grateful to Medium Joao, the Casa and Batista for all the help. The mother is most grateful for her son´s ability to talk and communicate, without this life is difficult she said, now she said he has a future. A very miraculous story that touches your heart.

The Power of Prayer:

My Irish friend went to visit her friend who is an older lady at 86 years. When she left after the visit, the older lady had a fall and broke her wrist. At the hospital they suggested a health check. It was found that a she had a tumor the size of a football in her stomach. She was told her options were surgery or chemo. She asked my friend what to do and she advised her to pray to the Entities of the Casa. This lady had become a nun at 15 years old. That was a way of being educated in that era when families had no money. It was a strict and rigid life. In her 40s she left the order, went to the USA and later met a man and got married. At her next check up, there was no tumor and no cancer. The prayer work had been a success. This lady has NOT been to the Casa nor had her photo presented.  The friend placed the older lady´s name once in the triangle on the last trip to the Casa, but no action has been taken recently. The power of prayer cured this lady from afar.

A Love Story:

Part 1 in 2015:
In 2015 I met Remy, and he is Swiss. Before coming to the Casa on the trip in 2015, Remy was about to marry the love of his life, a woman he said he loved with all his heart, and they sent out the wedding invitations. They picked a flower and did the traditional, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me. And it came out with he loves me. Then after arriving at the Casa when everyone here found out Remy was getting married they all said why dont you ask the Entity if this woman really is the one. Remy replied, I dont need to ask the Entity, this woman is the right one for me and she is in my heart. Then that day Remy went into current and asked for a sign. At the end of current Remy opened his eyes and looked at the floor, and there was a copy of the exact same Swiss flower that they did the he loves me he loves me not with. The Entities were listening to the request, and manifested the same sort of flower on the current room floor. Remy stated it was definitely not there before current. At the sight of this flower and sign from above he started to cry realising this was his sign to get married. 

Part 2 now in 2017
This week in orientation was half English and half French and we had no translator for French. Thus I looked at my group and there was Remy. Perfect I said, I will speak in English and can you speak in French? Remy said yes. Then I said, did you get married. Remy replied yes and she is still the right woman for me and I love her with all my heart!

    John of God Casa Crystal Beds  
Around the World
     Those of you who have been to the Casa will be familiar with the Crystal bed - the Entity regularly 'prescribes' sessions on the bed to help supplement the healing process. There are twelve, plus, crystal beds located in buildings adjacent to the main Casa building. Each bed has 7 quartz crystals suspended above the bed which align with and correspond to, the 7 chakras of the human body. A session consists of lying on the bed for approximately 20 minutes, or more, while listening to soothing music. The crystals radiate color to the respective chakras to cleanse them and to balance their energies. The Entity may prescribe crystal-bed therapy for you, or you may choose to have a therapeutic session on your own.
     On our website, we provide a list of individuals who were given special permission from the Entity to purchase one of these crystal beds, thereby enabling them to offer these unique treatment sessions all around the world.
     The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatments. The full listing of crystal beds around the world is available on the Friends of the Casa website, in our
Casa Crystal Bed Section 

Joanne Williams  
Hervey Bay, Queensland

Nancy & Neli Bogdanovski
Erskineville (Newtown)
0422 880 124

Sue Kelly 
Suite 5, 80 Sixth Ave, 
Maroochydore Qld 4558 

Sara Abreu 
Las Vegas, NV


Jacqui Gray 

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  • Submit your story to be included in the Healing Stories section
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