Communities throughout the globe organized film screenings, lectures, rallies, forums, prayer vigils, concerts and many other activities in order to commemorate Congo Week from October 15 - 22. The flagship event was the Congo in Harlem film and performance series.
Congo Love Commemorates Congo Week at the University of Kinshasa
Congo Love coordinator Patricia Lokwa is currently negotiating a show deal with a local television host. The show will be an educational series that will be broadcast monthly to discuss the Lumumba Scholars activities and initiatives. The show will also serve as a platform to expand the reach of the scholarship application process.
Made in ilima

In the center of Equator Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Ilima community remains one of the most isolated in the world. They have coexisted with endangered wildlife in their surrounding forest for generations, but as the pace of development has increased, this fragile ecosystem has suffered. This film documents a collective building process - one aimed at leveraging local craft and ecological knowledge towards education, preservation, and beauty.
Premiering on November 3rd at the New York Architecture and Design Film Festival.
Congo's Violent Peace: Conflict and Struggle Since the Great African War
In  Congo's Violent Peace , leading Congo expert Kris Berwouts provides the most comprehensive and in-depth account to date of developments since the so-called Congo Wars.
´╗┐Berwouts analyzes such topics as Rwanda's destructive impact on security in Eastern Congo, the controversial elections of 2006 and 2011, the M23 uprising, as well as Joseph Kabila's increasingly desperate attempts to cling to power. This will be an essential resource for anyone interested in this troubled, but important, country.
Paradise Papers: The Broken Heart of Africa

A power-hungry president, a cunning businessman, an influential ex-minister and the secretive Swiss mining giant Glencore: Why Congo remains dirt poor despite its abundant riches...

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Millions 'could starve in Congo province'

The head of the UN food agency has appealed for aid to avert a humanitarian crisis in the conflict-wracked DR Congo province of Kasai...

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DR Congo vote date: What's at stake?

A mineral-rich country a quarter the size of Europe, but mired in poverty and corruption, scarred by ethnic divisions and fighting in its east, DRC is one of Africa's most volatile nations. The present crisis brewed after Kabila refused to step down

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We'll All Be Relying on Congo to Power Our Electric Cars

The cars of the future will depend increasingly upon supplies of an obscure metal from a country in the African tropics where there has never been a peaceful transition of power and child labor is still used in parts of the mining industry.

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