Dear Members of the Kids Kicking Cancer Family,

There is no vaccine for the trauma of children. As we are seeing in our pediatric populations in hospitals across the world, the challenges of the pandemic have only increased the difficulties for our little warriors. Unfortunately, children everywhere are impacted with levels of stress that have created a serious issue of pediatric trauma for children whose bodies are otherwise healthy. Pain and trauma go hand in hand even when the pain is produced by the uncertainties of a troubled world.

Our program connects these children together. We have virtually assembled boys and girls across the globe to "Breathe in the light and blow out the darkness" - together. They are not only supporting each other, they are spreading the deep message of "Power, Peace, Purpose" to their families and communities. Children in hospitals and clinics are spearheading a movement that is helping to teach our martial arts meditation and mindfulness in a way that will build resilience for young people and communities around the world. We call it “the Heroes Circle™”.

Thank you for you generous love and support. You are making a difference – everywhere.

Rabbi G.

Heroes Circle Legislative Open House

On Wednesday, Aug. 4, our Michigan-based friends, Senator Rosemary Bayer, Senator Jeremy Moss, Senator Lana Theis, Representative Regina Weiss and Representative Lori Stone, joined us for an open house event at Pepper Elementary in Oak Park to discuss the importance of school based social-emotional learning programs and the unique offerings of our Heroes Circle school-based curriculum.

Piloted in the Oak Park School District, our Heroes Circle school-based program provides students with the tools to help them self-regulate as they encounter a range of stressors at home and in the classroom. At the same time, they increase personal empathy as they are encouraged to use their techniques to teach their family, friends and community. 
2021 Martial Arts Therapist Virtual Symposium

This year's virtual symposium served as a celebration of passion and technique. We are grateful for our global MATs and their commitment to the Heroes Circle community.

Our martial arts therapy has provided Ember with an opportunity to be a leader. Learn more about Ember's journey and how she used power breathing to push away the pain during treatments.

Our Martial Arts Therapists (MATs) are highly trained martial artists who have successfully matriculated through the Kids Kicking Cancer (KKC) Martial Arts Therapy course curriculum and then completed a rigorous apprenticeship. Our KKC certified MATs are located worldwide, operating within eight states nationally and seven countries globally. Our MAT CHAT Q&A series spotlights our MATs and their commitment to empowering our Heroes Circle community.

Q: What do you love most about Kids Kicking Cancer’s mission?

A: We make a difference in the lives of young people and families.   
When we get stressed, our body goes into “Fight or Flight” mode. This level of stress is not good on the body, mind, or spirit, especially when bearing it regularly. By controlling our breathing, though, we can help control our natural stress response.
The #BreathBrake is a Martial Arts Meditation technique that we use in the Heroes Circle to help us fight pain, fear, stress, anger, sadness, frustration – what we call “The Darkness”. We use “The Light”, or the good stuff – love, hope, joy – to help us. In using this technique, we allow our body and our mind to relax.

Join Ruan, a member of our South Africa Heroes Circle community, in Breathing in the Light and Blowing out the Darkness!

Thank you to everyone who supported our 4th Annual Golf Outing and Dinner. Despite the postponement of our golf outing, we are celebrating a record breaking event -- both in attendance and funds raised.

A special thanks to our event sponsors:

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Because of the generosity of our event sponsors and donors like you, we raised nearly $229,000 to support our hospital and clinic based programming. Your investment in our children helps us to ensure that more young boys and girls are connected to the tools to engage the power of martial arts therapy and work through overwhelming pain, fear and anger. When kids transform from victim to victor, they are unlocking their inner POWER. And, when they teach these techniques of inner Peace to others, it reinforces great Purpose in their young lives.
Thank you again for your dedication and support. We look forward to seeing you again next year!
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When you give to the Heroes Circle (powered by the children of Kids Kicking Cancer), your donations are put to work to ensure our evidence-based therapy is delivered in person and virtually throughout hospitals, medical facilities, outpatient centers, home visits and schools across the United States and globally. Thank you for your support!