Friends of the Ramona Library (FORL)

November 2023 Newsletter

President's Message

The Friends of the Library (FORL) and the Ramona Library recently hosted two very successful author talks and book signings. Dr. Richard Lederer gave us a very punny talk about Halloween humor. Lisa Belkin talked about her book, Genealogy of a Murder, that traces the history of a tragedy in her family. We had two most appreciative audiences.

On another note, Dr. Michael Barker has passed away at age 79. He was a long-time Ramona resident who helped and treated many Ramona residents. He was a lifetime member of the FORL and was instrumental in several successful Authors' Days. The FORL will be planning an event this winter, probably an author's talk, in Dr. Barker's honor.

A new FORL Board has been nominated and is looking forward to a busy 2024.

I'll announce the members and officers in the holiday newsletter when the appointments are official.

The Open Book is now accepting debit and credit cards. We've joined the 21st century! Our new phone number is (442) 358-9173.

Maxine McNamara


Friends of the Ramona Library

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Friends of the Ramona Library Board 2023

Maxine McNamara, President

Patsy Heald, Vice President, Membership

Gloria Keesee, Treasurer

Flo Firth, Secretary, Book Store Manager

Karla Brustad, Director

Dante Consentino, Director

Joan Gansert, Director

Princess Norman, Director

Stacey Riordan, Director

Nick Soroka, Director

Ramona Valencia, Director

Jane Vidal, Director

For up-to-date information about these and additional upcoming events at the Ramona Library, plus details about features and facilities, please visit

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