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February 2020
A Note From Our Executive Director
In just one week, Alameda County voters will have an opportunity to make an impact on children and families that will last for generations. Measure C is on the March 3rd ballot in Alameda County. According to an overview presented by our colleagues at First 5 Alameda County, Measure C would "raise an estimated $150 million per year to expand access to free and low-cost pediatric health care and emergency services at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland (CHO) and increase access to quality child care, preschool, and early education across Alameda County." As Executive Director of 4Cs of Alameda County, and as a private citizen, I have been working tirelessly on this landmark legislation in Alameda County for almost half a decade. As a community, providing resources to improve access, affordability and quality in early care and education should be the goal if we care about the success and well-being of its residents.

A thriving community, like those throughout Alameda County, is socioeconomically diverse and has a thriving middle class. These neighbors do not force families at risk of stability to move out of the communities they know and love.  To respond to the diversity of incomes and, to continue to have a thriving community where people can afford to live and work, we need to address some of the supports necessary. Child care is one of those supports. I firmly believe that child care and early care and education is a two generation approach that supports parents working and children learning. I also know that early childhood educators should have a hope of a living wage. Measure C is a step in the right direction.

Measure C has an opportunity to address these needed outcomes for its residents including children, families, and caregivers.  I cannot recall a time in the past half a century when California had enough accessible, affordable child care to meet the needs of eligible families. We need local, state and federal responses to meet the needs of children, families, and communities. I applaud Alameda County and Measure C for responding.  Measure C is good for the community, families, and caregivers.

Remember, as you're filling out your mail-in ballots or voting at the polls, Vote Yes on Measure C.

Be well,

Renee S. Herzfeld
Executive Director
News, Notes, and Announcements
What You Need to Know about the Census 2020
A lot can change in 10 years -- your neighborhood might look a lot different, maybe you have some new family members living at your house. The Census 2020 is coming up in March, and it’s all about counting everyone who is living in the United States, whether they are a citizen or not. All people living here, building and contributing to our communities, need to be counted.

The Census is a survey of our country and helps us understand how many people live here. It’s mandated by the constitution. The Census allows the federal government to know what neighborhoods are growing and the needs they have, and determines how more than $800 billion in federal funds for public services and infrastructure needs are distributed.

The Census count is also used to determine accurate congressional representation for each community. It is used to determine local government boundary lines and school districts. An accurate count allows for our community to be accurately represented and our voices heard.
Alameda County is home to many historically undercounted communities, which has led to
underrepresentation of our count and our true diversity. An accurate count can lead to more schools, parks and more jobs and health care for our community, and more services like natural disaster recovery, affordable housing, and highway repair.

The Census asks where you live and about who lives in your household. It will ask you questions about how many people live in your house, and their age, race and relationship. Everyone living in the house needs to be counted. Think about who you live with: yes, even the baby, grandma, roommate, tenant or cousin living in the backhouse needs to be counted.
The Census won’t ask you to share any sensitive information, like your social security number or immigration status. The information that you supply for the Census is completely confidential and can not be shared with law enforcement agency. It is illegal for the Census bureau to release your information.

How do you complete the Census? Starting on March 12, you will start to receive a notice in the mail from the US Census Bureau with instructions on how to complete the Census 2020 online, by phone or on paper. Take the Census at our Hayward 4Cs office to receive support with questionnaire completion and a $5 gift card starting March 12.
Update from 4Cs' HPN Team
As a new year begins, 4Cs Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPN) Team is kicking off the season with two free Census Informational Workshops. The census is a national survey that happens once every 10 years and determines funding on programs for families in our communities. In participating, programs such as Head Start, Medi-Cal and the National Lunch Program receive funds based on how many people are counted. It is important to participate and make your voice count so we invite everyone to join us at our workshops to take the census. The workshops will take place in the Student Information & Assessment Center (SIAC) located in South Hayward. Every family will receive a $5 gift card for attending and submitting a census survey, food and child care will also be provided for those families who register. For more information call 510-584-3105 or email
CalFresh Team Continues to Help With Application Assistance
The CalFresh team, Lizbeth Gonzales and Cynthia Padilla, continue to actively outreach to families for the CalFresh application services offered at 4Cs of Alameda County. Stop by our Hayward office to speak to our team to be prescreened for CalFresh eligibility or to pick up food for your families from the 4Cs' Community "Closet" in Oakland. If you would like an appointment to apply for CalFresh please call or email 510-584-3105 or .
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