August, 2017 - In This Issue:
From the Desk of Our Executive Director
It's been over a week since the events in Charlottesville shook our nation to its core. The sadness, anger, and outrage that followed permeated throughout the country. Here in Alameda County, I felt the heaviness of the situation throughout the week. Discussions about what happened, what to do, and how to talk to our loved ones - and especially our vulnerable children - about what was going on occurred in every meeting I attended. Many tried to answer the question "How do we attempt to explain the unfathomable?"
About halfway through the week,  I saw a shift in conversation.  My discussions with staff, my own children, colleagues, friends, and family turned from what happened to how we can continue to teach - and personify - not just tolerance, but acceptance. Everyone I spoke to was passionate about our collective impact in raising loving, caring, accepting, tolerant, kind children. And so our work begins. Tools and strategies are already available to guide our conversations including First 5's guide to Care Cope Connect - Comforting and Supporting Kids During Community Stress, Buzzfeed's list of books to encourage kindness toward others, 4Cs Pinterest board on celebrating diversity, and Scholastic's article on Encouraging Acceptance and Compassion Through Play. How will you teach children you love about caring for others, empathy, equity, and acceptance? I hope that we can all use the events in Virginia as a catalyst to continue focusing on raising accepting, resilient children. 

In Partnership,

Renee S. Herzfeld
Free Playgroup for Family, Friends, and Neighbors Caring for Kids
Register Now for Play & Learn

Are you a grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle, cousin, godparent, or friend caring for children 0-5 years old? If so, we invite you to join us for a playgroup just for you and the little ones you care for. Register today for playgroups on Friday mornings from 9:30am-11:30am in September, October, and November. The playgroups and all activities are free of charge, including snacks and prizes for attendees at every playgroup. This year, attendees will also receive vouchers for free Infant & Child CPR and First Aid Trainings - a $135 value. We hope to see you there! Register by using the link below or contacting Susana at or (510) 584-3115.

Update for Families Enrolled in Child Care Payment Assistance at 4Cs 
New Eligibility Terms, Income Requirements, and More

The California Legislature recently passed the Budget Act of 2017, Assembly Bill 97. Important improvements were made to the child care and development programs. Effective July 1st, 2017, the Agency now has the opportunity to assist families in becoming self-sufficient by providing greater economic security through continuity of services for the parent and the child regardless of temporary changes in need for services. 
What has changed?
  • For CalWORKS Stage 2, 3 and CAPP clients: Once eligibility is established, families remain eligible for 12 months regardless of changes in income or need for services (Seeking Employment eligibility is for no less than six months). 
  • All families participating in Child Care Payment Assistance: Currently enrolled families will remain eligible for services until their adjusted monthly income exceeds 85% of the State Median Income (SMI). Families are only required to report a change if their monthly income exceeds 85% of the SMI. 
Family Size
1 to 2
85% of SMI
  • All Families may voluntarily report other changes in order to: Reduce Family Fees, increase the hours of child care, and extend the period of eligibility.

Please remember to continue to report changes in your contact information such as change of address, phone number, or email address. Want to know more? Contact your Child Care Specialist or read the entire Management Bulletin

Meal Reimbursement for Family Child Care Providers
CACFP Now Enrolling

Are you a licensed Child Care Provider? Get reimbursed for serving healthy meals to children in your care.  Join the  Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). The CACFP is a federal nutrition program that ensures children receive nutritious meals and helps children establish healthy eating habits. 4Cs staff regularly visit child care providers to provide free training and support in creating a healthy meal program.

Studies show when a child care program participates in the CACFP the quality of meals are better, a child's health improves, and a child care provider's own family benefits.

Child care providers Selwyn and Heidee in Union City, who have participated in 4Cs program for over 10 years, share how they have benefited: "The ongoing support and information provided by the staff of the CACFP has made a positive impact on our program.  It really feels like they are part of our daycare, assisting us to provide the best possible nutrition and eating habits for our children.  We've even used what we have learned to improve our own personal diet."

Parents are you packing lunches and snacks? Does your child care provider not participate in the CACFP? Tell them about this FREE program.

Contact 4Cs 510-584-3105 or for more information.
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