October, 2019 - In This Issue:
From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Dear 4Cs Community,

This fall I moved my youngest daughter into the dorms at her chosen university. After spending 18 years preparing her to spread her wings and thrive outside of our home, here we were unloading the car and waiting alongside other family members and loved ones at the elevators that seemed to take forever to appear. I stood there, fresh new blankets and school supplies in hand, hoping the life lessons - like keeping her room tidy, living alongside others who may be very different than her, and that waking up for school is not optional - all stuck. In fact, in those few moments of reflection, I was reminded that these life lessons are the same ones we've been teaching my daughters since they were just a couple of years old. I remember then, almost two decades ago, how important it was for us to have a parent "tribe" to share our trials and tribulations and our successes and learning opportunities. This is why I am so excited to be co-facilitating one of our upcoming Parent Cafés on November 14th. I know the difference it makes as a parent to share common experiences and lean on others who have "been there, done that." I welcome you to join us whether you are expecting a little one, in the midst of the fantastic toddler (or equally as fabulous teenage) years, or are, like me, an empty-nester and are enjoying the peace at home just as much as you are looking forward to the next time your not-so-little one heads home for a home-cooked meal and free laundry.  
Be well,

Renee S. Herzfeld
Executive Director
2020 Census Around the Corner
Our Community Counts!

2020 will be an important year. Census 2020 brings federal funding to our schools, roads, and housing.
4Cs of Alameda County, in partnership with Alameda County, is working to ensure that we fully count
our community. Nearly 26% of Alameda County residents are considered "Hard-to-Count" and face
barriers to Census completion. Sadly, children 0-5 have often been undercounted. Every month, 4Cs newsletter will help answer questions about the upcoming census. If you have a question, send us an email at newsletter@4c-alameda.org and we'll do our best to feature it in an upcoming newsletter.
What is the Census? 
Every ten years, since 1790, the Census Bureau counts everyone living in the country, to collect basic information including: age, sex, and race, for every adult, child and baby. Census 2020 will not ask about citizenship status or for information like a social security number. Starting in March of 2020, everyone will be asked to complete the 2020 census online, by phone, or by mail. Questionnaire Assistance Centers (including 4Cs) will be located throughout the community, providing the public with access to computers and support in completing the Census. Responses are confidential, and protected by law.

News From Hayward Promise Neighborhoods
HPN Update

As a new the season begins, 4Cs Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPN) Team kicked off the Fall 2019 Parent Promise Academy at Glassbrook Elementary! Our facilitator, Debora Roca from Family Paths, will take parents through the new edition of Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors 10-session curriculum. The curriculum is based on family cultural values, strengths, experiences and goals. Topics include early childhood development, early reading, good health, social and emotional well-being, early math, transition to kinder, leadership and advocacy. We are excited to have a full class of parents ready to explore how to strengthen and advocate for their families!
Parent Promise Academy is offered through 4Cs HPN programming. Please call or email for more information and eligibility at 510-584-3105 or hpn@4c-alameda.org .
4Cs Presents Parent Cafes
Free Upcoming Sessions for Parents and Providers

4Cs is excited to offer three upcoming Parent Cafes for parents and caregivers. In these sessions, participants will have the chance to connect with peers as well as learn about the five protective factors: Parental Resilience, Social Connections, Knowledge of Child Development, Concrete Support in Times of Need, Social & Emotional Competence of Children. Refreshments and child care provided. Please see information below to learn more.
Parent Café - HPN  ( Bilingual Spanish/English) - FULL
Monday, November 4th from  5:00-7:30pm 
South Hayward 
Contact Lizbeth Gonzalez to register at lizbethg@4c-alameda.org or (510) 584-3133 to be added to the waitlist

Saturday, November 9th
4Cs Hayward Office 
Contact Barbara Kasnic to register at barbarak@4c-alameda.org or (510) 584-3118

Thursday, November 14th  
6:30-8:30 pm
4Cs Hayward Office 
Contact Chantae Wilson to register at chantaew@4c-alameda.org or (510) 921-3372
CalFresh Enrollment at 4Cs
Recertification Assistance Also Available

The CalFresh team, Lizbeth and Cynthia, continue to actively outreach to families for CalFresh application services offered at 4Cs of Alameda County. Staff started the Fall season visiting South Hayward Parish food pantry twice weekly. Stop by to speak to our Specialist for pre-screen for CalFresh eligibility or to pick up food for your families. If you would like an appointment to apply for CalFresh please call or email 510-584-3105 or calfresh@4c-alameda.org.
Child Cares Go GREEN!
A Note from Alameda County's Green Child Care Program Coordinator

My name is Lexi Oliva and I am the new acting Green Child Care Coordinator for Alameda County's Early Care and Education department. Our free program focuses on educating youth and child care providers on how to properly manage waste. Over the past few years, Alameda County's Green Child Care program has diverted tons of waste from landfills and mitigating heat-trapping toxins, such as Methane
and Carbon Dioxide, from the atmosphere through engaging with 150 sites. To date, this program has trained 1,201 teachers and staff as well as 6,264 children across the county on the importance of sustainable actions, such as composting and recycling. Our services include waste audits and assessments, free recycling and compost bins and signage where needed, and classroom visits. Through classroom lessons and engaging crafts, this program instills the importance of sustainablethinking in young children.

If you're interesting in "going green," or want a fun way to engage your children in environmental education, consider joining the Green Child Care program! To get involved, please contact Lexi Oliva, at Lexi.Oliva@acgov.org, and visit our website at Alameda County Green Child Care.

4Cs is Hiring
Career Opportunities at 4Cs

Join our team of dedicated, energetic, and caring professionals. Click here to find out why 4Cs was recognized by the NonProfit Times as a " 2017 Best Nonprofits to Work." More opportunities at 4Cs are coming soon! Check our " Career Opportunities at 4Cs" webpage to stay up-to-date on available job openings.

Register Now for Upcoming Trainings at 4Cs
Training Opportunities Available
10/26/19, 8:30am-3pm

10/26/19, 9am-1pm

10/26/19, 9am-5pm

CPR & First Aid Training - FULL
10/2/19, 9am-5pm

Designing the Learning Environment - FULL
10/5/19, 7pm-9pm

Trauma 200 - FULL
11/9/19, 8:30am-3pm

Revisión General de CLASS™ - LLENO
11/16/19, 8:30am-12:30pm

11/16/19, 9am-1pm

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