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October 2020
A Note From Our Executive Director
Dear friend of 4Cs,

On November 3rd we are all being called to engage in one of the most important jobs we have: VOTE. Whether you vote by mail-in ballot, drop off your ballot at a local drop-box, or head down to a physical polling place, your voice - and vote - matters more this year than ever. In the midst of this pandemic, I have found that the most important concerns, issues, and needs of my own family, my community members, and those we serve at 4Cs of Alameda County have bubbled to the service. We've heard over and over that access to affordable, quality child care, food, health care, and housing, racial injustice, equity, and protections for immigrants and our community's most vulnerable are all at the top of many of our radars this voting season. There is no better time than now to vote for the candidates, propositions, measures that will help you, your family, and your neighbors as we continue to navigate this uncertain time together. For me, carving out time to research as many items and candidates on my own ballot has been at the top of my must-do list. Some sites that I've found useful to help wade through my own ballot, and hopefully you will too, include:, official California Voter Information Guide (in case you misplaced yours), and Ballottrax - a site to make sure you know where your ballot is and that your vote was counted. As you fill in your ballot, know that you are not just voicing your own wishes for your family now and shaping the futures of our little ones for generations to come, but also deciding what is in the best interest for others in our communities and across our nation.

Be well and VOTE,

Renee S. Herzfeld
Executive Director
Resources and News
Exciting Opportunity for Family Child Care Providers!
Business Management Training Series
4Cs is proud to offer a specialized Business Management Training Series to support licensed family child care providers who are open or planning to re-open during the pandemic. Participants will meet five times from November to February, with additional optional coaching follow ups. Each session will include various incentives and participants that attend all sessions will receive a $500 stipend upon completion. All sessions will be simultaneously interpreted into Chinese and Spanish. By application only, space is limited.
Celebrating 4Cs Superheroes
On Friday, October 16th, 4Cs staff took a moment to reflect on the past 7 months since the shelter-in-place began. With 216 days of our physical locations closed, 4Cs celebrated our successes at a time when the world seems to be throwing curve balls left and right. Some accomplishments that we are proud of include: twelve new employees hired, promoted four 4Cs staff within the agency, new agency and program growth in all departments, the newest 4Cs babies born during the pandemic, and successful navigation from in-office to at-home to flexible location work schedules for our staff. 4Cs staff are truly superheroes!
Special Invitation for Hayward Families
Invitación especial para los padres de Hayward
You are invited to join Hayward families of young children 0- 8yrs old and the community to a movie night! We will be viewing “Raising of America” that documents the importance of child development, education and child care in the early years and how it shapes a child’s future. Group discussion to follow film viewing.

Click here for registration or for more information contact Alyssa Corsi at

¡Está invitado a unirse a las familias de Hayward de niños pequeños de 0 a 8 años y a la comunidad a una noche de cine! Veremos "Raising of America" que documenta la importancia del desarrollo infantil, la educación y el cuidado infantil en los primeros años y cómo da forma al futuro de un niño. Discusión grupal para seguir la visualización de la película

Para registrarse, haga clic aquí o para más información, póngase en contacto con Alyssa Corsi en
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