Announcement from the Rt. Rev. Douglas J. Fisher
Financial Support to Our Congregations
To: Rectors, Sr. Wardens and Treasurers
Re: Financial Support to our congregations
From: Bishop Fisher and Steve Abdow, Canon for Mission Resources

Dear Colleagues in Ministry, 

Thank you for all you are doing to continue your ministry with your communities. Know that the first priority of the Bishop and Diocesan Council is to support the congregations of our diocese. 

We understand the financial pressure congregations are facing these days. This afternoon Diocesan Council voted to suspend the collection of Common Ministry assessments for a period of two months. Assessment payments for April and May have been forgiven. We will cancel those two scheduled EFT withdrawals. 

If your congregation is making ends meet and you are able to continue supporting our Common Ministry we will gratefully accept all or some portion of your assessment. Your contributions will be used to support other congregations. You may send a check, if this feels right. Regardless, we offer this suspension to enable you to continue God’s mission locally.

Additionally, we are working on an emergency parish loan program that will be funded by our diocese, and we will share those details as soon as possible.

We are working to cut the diocesan budget. Many things that might have taken place this year are no longer realistic and there will be many opportunities to reduce related expenses. 

These are trying times. And in 2000 years the Church has been through challenging times before. Together we will meet this challenge and together we will always follow Jesus in his Mission of Mercy, Compassion and Hope.

In Christ,
+Doug and Steve

The Rt. Rev. Douglas J. Fisher, Bishop
Steven Abdow, Canon for Mission Resources

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