From the Bottom of our #GIVINGTUESDAY HEART

BLUE JESUS misses his pack. The pack is re-uniting for the health and wellbeing of each one, and the whole.

This next few days is a big passage. steps we take now to regather the two halves of the pack, as well as sharing their message with the world are very important.

We are asking for support raising $1,004.79 within 24 hours to take care of the next steps, already planned, however today was a day full of court clerks and court papers.

For #GivingTUesday, its the "biggest giving day of the year!" its been said!. . . . Please consider making a year end contribution, in any amount. We can e-mail you a printable 501.C3 letter for your tax files.

There are legal, practical and communications steps, we are taking in the next few days and the $1,004.79 covers the very basic needs.

There are currently 30 wolf dogs in this one lineage pack. We are carrying them into the future, with their needs and their voices FIRST. We are in service to them

Please pass the word, and assist us in raising the money for our service roll in preserving and care-taking this ONE SPECIES and GENETIC STOREHOUSE of WOLF BEAUTY and DIVERSITY, for our and their future generations.

by contributing ANY AMOUNT. Paypal is the best way right now, (BUTTON IS JUST BELOW) or use the e-mail address: is the address for GRR INc. (Global Relief Resources Inc.) the 501.C3 umbrella for this wolf pack care.

Monthly donations assist us in keeping both packs fed through time, decreasing our stress and urgency to raise money for feeding them--daily. The button at the very bottom is for setting up monthly contributions.

Thank you. Thank you. From all of them. we are simply in service to them. This is for them.

Heart of a Wolf Educational Preserve GRR Inc.
PO Box 22002
Santa Fe, NM 87502
Questions : 505-216-2945