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In closing out 2013, this month at MCC we've been talking about getting your financial house in order, from how to file paperwork to how to clean up your financial plan.  Building organization into your personal finances results in a clear money map or action plan.  However, more importantly it also brings a calm and sense of order, creating both physical and emotional space in our lives.  

Read more below for a step by step plan on how to get financially organized and take things from chaos to clarity.




From Chaos to Clarity - Getting Financially Organized

It's time to put the knowledge you have about yourself and your money into action. It's up to you to take the appropriate, conscious action to take charge of your money, get your financial house in order, and start living the life you want.

What next steps do you need to take to feel more fully empowered and on track with your money? Do you have a list of action items to complete? Are there phone calls, or appointments, you need to make to follow through on your plans?

Step 1: Start by organizing your paperwork by making a 'Money Spot' where you have conveniently located items like pens, chequebook, stamps, envelopes and your filing system. 

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While you are trimming your tree, don't forget about trimming your income taxes for 2013!  You have until March 3rd for RSP contributions, but other deductions need to be optimized before the December 31 deadline.  This includes RESP contributions, medical expenses within a 12 month window, and any charitable donations.


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