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Dear PTA Advocates of Duval County:

Don’t get me wrong – the last five or so weeks have been tough, and we have all seen and maybe even been touched by the horrors of this pandemic. However, I have found myself altered in spirit by more generosity than I have witnessed in my lifetime. People from every walk of society are trying to do their best to truly help each other – everything from putting their own lives on the line, donating money where it is needed most, reminding us of our responsibility to keep each other safe, to bringing laughter to our collective experience. I’ve heard “we’re all in this together” so many times, but yet I’m not sick of hearing it because IT’S TRUE! As PTA, we must continue to do our part. Share ideas and resources, provide grace and reassurance, and look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re helping others or hurting others. We’re so close to being together again…step by step, day by day, building a bridge together.

Theresa Rogers
President, Duval County Council of PTAs and PTSAs

Florida PTA Awards
Submissions are due by 5pm 5/1/2020

Award applications for FPTA awards:

Resources for COVID-19

- Florida PTA Covid-19 resources page:   

- Duval Homeroom: 

-Kids Hope Alliance pulled together some great resources for families:

-Florida Department of Health's Covid-19 site:  

-Florida Department of Education Coronavirus page:   

-CDC Coronavirus information:   

- Florida Department of Education free resources for families: 

- U.S. Dept. of Labor, COVID-19 Workplace Info: 

-Joy For All Project (great idea for children to help spread kindness):

The ½ cent tax referendum will be on the November 3, 2020 ballot and voters will decide whether to provide funding to repair and renovate our schools, improve campus safety, reduce portables, improve technology, and build new schools in areas of growth.

Please share this information with your members and help advocate for this needed funding to help improve our schools!

To learn more, visit

New DCCPTA Diversity Committee 
Our New DCCPTA Diversity Committee is seeking to build its inaugural committee with members from all backgrounds and all areas of Duval County to come together and work to develop some common ideas and goals that can improve representation and educational awareness within DCPS, particularly in the areas of bias, equity and accessibility.

All interested parties, please contact
Whitney Touchton at
Message from AIM Insurance:

Embezzlement Claims Are on the Rise Due to COVID-19

From our AIM family to yours, we hope you are doing well and staying healthy in these trying times. We wanted to reach out and remind all Parent Teacher Groups that right now your funds may be more exposed than they have ever been.

Embezzlement is our #1 claim here at AIM and in times of uncertainty, embezzlement claims become even more common.

That is why it’s more important than ever to be vigilant and maintain proper oversight of your finances. Unfortunately, many families are struggling with unemployment and having to make difficult decisions for their household. In times like these, “borrowing” from your PTA, PTO, or Booster Club may seem like a temporary solution for those bearing the brunt of these unforeseen circumstances.

We understand normal accounting practices, such as 2 signatures on all checks, may not be possible at this time, but we strongly encourage all our insureds to maintain close oversight of your bank account.

In addition, you may consider doing the following:
-Confirm all PTA, PTO, or Booster Club cash has been deposited into your account.
-Use checks instead of cash or debit cards
-Monitor online bank activity weekly while continuing your normal review of monthly statements
-Consider Embezzlement Insurance to safeguard your funds if you do not currently have this coverage
CLICK HERE for the UPDATED Member Benefit Flyer.
NEW National PTA Partners offering discounts for ALL PTA Members

If you know of a business that would like to partner with DCC PTA,
please contact Christina Cummings at

Please continue to submit pictures from
PTA/PTSA events from this school year to:
What are you and your family missing most right now? Here's a fun idea!!

Every time someone in your family wishes to go somewhere, do something, see someone you love (not in your quarantine), visit a new place, etc. --


Use these wishes to form a "Bucket List" to work on when we can get back to doing all those things we missed most during this unprecedented time at home.

Perhaps, we will all feel even more grateful for the little things in our lives :-)

**On Instagram, be sure to tag @dcc_pta_wellness in your "Bucket List" photos!
-Florida PTA Leadership Convention, July 16-19
For more info go to: 
Do you know someone that has gone above and beyond advocating for our children and youth? Give them the gift of a Lifetime! The Honorary State Life Membership is the perfect gift to honor someone for outstanding service to our children and youth. In addition to a certificate, pin and ID card, the proceeds help support the Florida PTA Scholarship Program.

Contact Vicki Drake for more information.
Thank you!!!