Connecting People to People and Ideas to Results.
Deborah Schwartz Griffin
Creative Connector

Creative Connector is a full-service strategic business development company exclusively focused on helping our clients generate new business resulting in increased sales and revenue for business, civic, and philanthropic leaders.

People come to me with a dilemma, a problem, a need. My logo represents the puzzle pieces that come to me every day. After I bring you on as a client, I start thinking holistically about how I can help you. As I learn about your business, I’ll learn about ways I can improve the relationships and business you are receiving through your partners and suppliers.

The process is a continuous cycle, that’s why there’s an open space … it’s ongoing … always finding another way to get you more business. The ball in the center represents you. I’m spending my time putting you, the decision maker, in the limelight so you can get what you need.

I always put you first.
We are the one point of contact and conduit to a team of strategic associates. We conduct in-depth research and analysis to understand your business and offer customized development support to help you get to the next-level, tipping point of success. Our services include:
Here's the BIG question...

Deborah Schwartz Griffin, the Creative Connector, offers an opportunity for a 30-minute discovery session to review the following:

  • Your Story, The Value That You Bring
  • Greatest Challenges, Pressing Needs
  • Ideal Client
  • Best Referral Partner

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“Deborah can be best described as a Rainmaker… She has brought a tremendous amount of success to the Business Community Network… Deborah is fantastic in terms of implementing and growing a business.”

Jeff Chernoff, Founder of the
Business Community Network (BCN)