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The new school year has meant a busy time for FutureEd, with reports, blog posts and graphics exploring key parts of the education policy landscape.
September was Attendance Awareness Month, so we joined more 60 national organizations in promoting the importance of showing up for school. For us, that took the form of a new report, Who's In: Chronic Absenteeism Under the Every Student Succeeds Act. Our team reviewed 51 state plans filed for ESSA and did a new analysis of federal absenteeism data to tease out how states should hold schools accountable for attendance. At a Sept. 26 event, we talked through the issue with two of the leading experts on absenteeism and a state accountability ace. Watch the event here. 

Our senior fellow Craig Wacker caught up with folks at the University of Texas Austin for a piece in The 74 about how investing students with a sense of belonging helped raise college completion rates from 53 to 66 percent in the past four years.
We followed up our report on the shortcomings in the Washington, D.C., private school voucher program with a commentary piece in The Washington Post on the subject and with a primer from Mathematica's Brian Gill on the answers to key research questions on  private school choice.
Later in the month, researchers Richard Murnane and Emiliana Vegas shared with us their insights from studying the nationwide voucher program in Chile. Their conclusion: Private school choice works best with more regulation.
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