The Urgency of Now: Investing in Organizing to Build Political Power

Revisit our blog post abfemakesapoint.org for reflections on the need for making serious investments in Black-led organizing and building the infrastructure of Black movements.



The Fund to Rebuild Baltimore


In response to recent painful events in Baltimore City, the Baltimore Community Foundation has established The Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore. BCF will work closely with its partners in the community to determine how the dollars contributed to The Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore can best be deployed to repair the physical and emotional damage that has been done and strengthen the community for the future.



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Dear ABFE Members and Supporters,  

The uprising in Baltimore reminds all of us of the work that we need to do to address persistent, structural issues that plague Black communities. Be assured that we have reached out to the funding community in Baltimore to further understand their planned local response and to offer any assistance we can. Several members are already in organized talks and are moving quickly. Please do answer the call if we need your support to bring national voices to this situation.  

Supporting Baltimore


The work continues. While we all can't go to Baltimore, there are ways of staying active to ensure that this moment becomes a movement. We can follow. We can support. We can be informed. We can act. Learn more about work to support Baltimore, stopping police brutality in Black communities, and raising our political voice.

Baltimore Uprising -- Updated daily  with key information regarding the organizing underway in Baltimore.

Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle -- Follow this grassroots think-tank which advances the public policy interest of Black people in Baltimore, through: youth leadership development, political advocacy, and autonomous intellectual innovation. View the LBS call for police accountability.

ColorOfChange.org -- Sign a petition calling for  the necessary leadership and independent oversight to ensure justice for Freddie Gray and overhaul of the Baltimore police department. This internet-based social change and racial justice movement aims to strengthen the political voice of Black America.

The Real Baltimore -- Stay updated with live streaming and news that is guided by an editorial approach that seeks facts and doesn't bow to pressure. Part of The Real News Networka non-profit, view-supported daily video-news and documentary service.


Nonviolence as Compliance by Ta-Nehisi Coates


Undue Force by Mark Puente


The Absence of Legitimate Authority in Baltimore by David A. Graham


Making Black Lives Matter by Nat Chioke Williams