Join Judy at a Special Event in Fort Lauderdale
This Saturday, April 23
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Information From the New Life Expo
Hello Everyone, 

We had a very special time at the New Life Expo in West Palm Beach last weekend. 

 As you may know, I never pre-plan my events. Everything I say is what I hear to say in the moment. I only receive from Spirit the topic that I am to speak about in advance. 

 However, I was aware that we are at the cusp of a very special time of new beginning well before I arrived in Florida. What happened at the Expo was that I began to transmit new words...a new octave of creation...that comes from way beyond this galaxy. 

As human beings we are being advanced as a human species. 

 This upgrade is divinely planned and it is actually BEGINNING NOW!

 LISTEN FREE to the information in my Passage to Extraordinary lecture presented at the Expo. It's from the Star Council of our "Multi-galactic Diamond" - ... 22 galaxies, including the Milky Way. 

Its new information from Spirit and HOT OFF THE PRESS! 

I would like to thank Mark Becker and the New Life Expo team for their support of my work and express my gratitude to the wonderful people from Florida and others who traveled from out of state. I loved meeting and chatting with you all. 

Blessings and best wishes, Judy Satori.
Passage to Extra-Ordinary:
An Evolutionary Upgrade for Mankind
Saturday, April 23

I have been invited to speak at an event organized by the Creative Artists Consciousness Outreach and the "Peanut Butter and Jelly" project being  held at the Ocean Manor Resort, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 
This event is being organized to raise funds to provide food for homeless people in the Florida area.

I will be opening time locks within the DNA code to activate more of what it is to be human. This is part of a divine plan to activate human
12-strand DNA potential and extra-ordinary human abilities. It is the beginning of an evolutionary upgrade for humanity, as it is an evolutionary upgrade for Earth.

Passage to Extra-Ordinary
An Evolutionary Upgrade for Mankind

Saturday, April 23
Event Begins at 7pm
Lecture with Judy at 9pm
Energy Transmissions with Judy at 11:11pm
Cost: $33

Ocean Manor Resort, 4040 Galt Ocean Drive, 
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Click Here for More Information


Click here to purchase advance sale tickets for $33. 

You can pay with credit card, debit card, or with Paypal account. 
The purchaser of the ticket must be present with Identification.


Save the Date
Master Class - Saturday, May 21
Manhattan, New York City

I am excited to announce a new one day Master Class that I have been asked by Spirit to present and premiere live in New York City on Saturday, May 21. I doubt whether it will ever be repeated as I always move on with my work, but the class will be recorded and made available online for those of you unable to travel to New York City.

The topic, "TRUE COLORS"...a one day hands on Master Class with me and Spirit

Let the true colors of your soul shine through your personality 

Prepare with Spirit for your highest path of purpose

Step out and take action to fulfill your reason for being

Venue: The Metropolitan Club, 122 East 83rd Street, Manhattan, New York, New York, 10028.

Time: 10 am - 6 pm

Bookings: You will be able to reserve on-line beginning this Friday, April 22. You will receive an email invitation on Friday with more information as to how to register. 

Early Bird Discount UNTIL May 1 - Only $175.

Seating is Limited ... Book Early

Save the Date
You Wealth Revolution Show
Joy is Love Expressed

Follow-Up Q&A
Joy is Love Expressed
from Mary Magdalene 

Thursday, May 12 USA
Friday May 13, NZ & AU

1 pm (Pacific USA),
4pm (East Coast USA)  
10 am Friday, New Zealand 

Judy will explain why the joy vibration is so important to our 
ascension process and the activation of more 
of our human DNA potential.

Mark Your Calendars!
 More Information to Come About this Important Show.

Judy Satori |