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Dear St Antoninus parishioners and friends,

This past weekend we had a glorious CATHOLIC TENT REVIVAL IN THE HOLY SPIRIT 2018!

We had 100 registered participants plus over 35 people who were the very hard working team of cooks, servers, small group facilitators, musicians, MC’s, prayer warrior intercessors, preachers, witnesses, and a facilities crew that never stopped. 

The praise & worship was vibrant, the teachings, testimonies and fellowship were uplifting and the food was delicious. Best of all, the Holy Spirit was moving hearts to a deeper encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and the conversions that accompany such an encounter. It was a weekend of special graces that culminated Saturday night with a Eucharistic Procession into the church followed by a powerful Holy Hour with Penance Service & 6 priests hearing Confessions. The rain could not dampen the enthusiasm and only taught us to persevere all the more. Check out our account of the weekend on facebook at Saint Antoninus Church Newark, NJ.

I felt like a proud father when some of the visitors commented on the “loving & joyful service of the team,” and the “vibrant worship and the palpable Presence of the Holy Spirit.” May the Holy Spirit always be welcome here and attract others to Jesus and to St Antoninus.

O ur Tent Revival / Life in the Spirit has been a preparation for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. We will pray for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit during our glorious celebration of Pentecost – this Sunday at the 10 am Mass (Come at 9am for Holy Hour)!

Pentecost , which is the universal celebration of the birthday of the Church, is doubly festive here at St A’s. It is “Our Parish Feast Day.” Let us pray that our hearts may be open to a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit this Pentecost. We ask the Lord for a “personal Pentecost” which will empower us to live as “Missionary Disciples” of Our Lord.

We have a treasure that has been entrusted to us which cannot be buried but must be shared with the hurting and dying multitude of those around us? “To whom much is given, much is expected” (Lk 12:48). “Freely you have received, freely you must give” (Mtt 10:8).

In Jesus thru Mary,
Fr Joseph

P.S. The Tent Revival / LSS continues during the next two Wednesdays. During our weekly prayer meeting (at 7:45pm) in the rectory we will have the last two talks of the Tent Revival as we ask: “Where do we go from here?” Don’t miss them!
at St. Antoninus!

“There’s only one place to be on Pentecost Sunday.”

(Fr. Ferry, Fr. Lehman, Fr. Halbing, Fr. Meagher)

Adoration at 9AM, Mass at 10AM

Praying for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit during Holy Mass

The Holy Spirit is UNITY.
On this 51st Anniversary of the Charismatic Renewal, let us come & worship together in the only fully Charismatic Parish on the Eastern Seaboard

Invite all your friends and family!!!

Go behind the Church, on S. 9th St for secure parking

Download flyer below by clicking image.

337 South Orange Ave, Newark NJ 07103
Rev. Joseph Meagher (Pastor)