Hello Brian, I want to be honest with you. This trip to Kenya was gritty, emotionally exhausting, and life-giving.

People want and need honest and real friends, especially those of us that are follows of Jesus and leading others to be like Him...yet many don't.

Our partners are multiplying their life and providing a place of hope for youth. They are going every day with people coming to them with needs and wants...yet ALL of them have been dealing with insecurities, wounds, and personal hurts.

I have been there and so have you. Most of the time this last week was listening, watching, loving, and then challenging them with a plan of health to move forward.

Fufilling a Dream


Being in the middle of the slums at the Clark and Vahle Educational Drop-In Center was a dream. I was able to encourage the 200+ youth, play soccer in the dirt, and listen to stories.

I walked into small slum homes that still have the filter of Hope we gave them two years ago providing clean water! I met with many that we have given small business loans to that are thriving and grateful. One pastor was given a motorbike and wakes up at 4 AM every morning to give rides to provide for his family, small church, and the poor around him. There were so many powerful stories of bridges we have built together.


Focus on Love

The main focus for me was to lead from vulnerability and inspire people to fulfill their God-given dreams. Almost everyone that has a God-given dream it comes from pain and suffering that they have experienced in the past. As I was listening to the Set-Apart Foundation volunteers below I shared my wounds and hardships and then they shared theirs and how they are doing ministry from those wounds.

Dickens saw his father murdered in front of him and had a passion for revenge. God changed his heart and he is now sharing his story at local schools on forgiveness.



Amazing Julie Bannon spent time at our house with Erin and lived into her God-given dream of serving us by changing lightbulbs and loving my beautiful wife!


Millions hustle for $2 a day or so like Emmanuel here selling brooms between cars on the highway.

I loved giving those like him a gift ($2-$5) and encouraging them, seeing them and letting them know that God loves them.


Prayer Requests for us:

  • Good family time after being gone for 8 days!
  • That deep friendships and healing would take place over time in our partners lives, your life, and our life.
  • That God would give you a dream to fulfill and give your life, money, and time toward for decades to come!

Erin and I thank God for your faithful prayers and support.

If you would like to enter our story through giving, you can do that HERE.

We love ya!!!

Brian and Erin Clark