June 30, 2021

Dear Members,

The heat has been baking Maine during recent days - summer is here full force! I wanted to reach out, because Maine's State of Emergency ends today, and the MDA would like to give members an update on what that means for dental offices.

While the mask mandate ends in Maine, the Maine CDC will continue to recommend, though not require, that unvaccinated people wear face coverings indoors. The Maine Dental Association is recommending to all dental offices to continue to follow ADA guidance, which is currently following CDC recommendations at this time.

Do patients still need to wear a mask when visiting a dental office?

CDC recommends all people still wear a mask in a dental office.

May dental healthcare personnel (DHCP) stop wearing masks in the break room?

In general, fully vaccinated DHCP should continue to wear source control while at work in most instances. However, fully vaccinated DHCP could dine and socialize together in break rooms and conduct in-person meetings without source control or physical distancing. If unvaccinated DHCP are present, everyone should wear source control.
Should we continue to screen patients and DHCP?

The CDC recommends you continue to screen and triage everyone entering a dental facility for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. The CDC also recommends using additional infection prevention and control practices. These practices are intended to apply to all, not just those with suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Continue to consult ADA guidance at www.ada.org/virus and CDC guidance HERE for updated guidelines related to COVID-19 safety.

As always. the MDA and ADA will continue to monitor the situation.