Announcement: Welcome Back Announcements #1
updated August 17, 2017
Welcome Back from Montana Digital Academy!

Welcome back to school from Montana Digital Academy! We have been hard at work over the summer to be ready for our Fall program... we are excited for another year working with you and your school!

Important: Please note that due to our budget limitations for the upcoming academic year, a number of policies and procedures have changed since last school year.  Please review our information pages right away to ensure you are mindful of deadlines and expectations.  We have less flexibility than in previous years as we work around our new financial realities.

If you are NEW to Montana Digital Academy, we have put together a getting started guide here. Please start there! If you are an administrator or staff member and know if someone new to their job involving MTDA, please forward this email!

If you are returning, we have put together a getting started checklist for fall here.

High School Original Credit

Click HERE for the Fall 2017 High School Original Credit Briefing.  We strongly encourage schools to enroll students as soon as possible.  The course request deadline is August 29th.  We are closely monitoring enrollments and may need to close open enrollment earlier if we hit our maximum of available resources.
High School Credit Recovery

Click HERE for the Fall 2017 High School Credit Recovery Briefing. The orientation program opens up Monday, August 28, 2017 and content courses are available on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.
Middle School Language Sampler

Click HERE for the Fall 2017 MLS Briefing.  Please review the briefing right away as substantial changes have occurred in this program.  Enrollment opens on Monday, August 21, 2017.  Enrollments are limited in the MLS program, first come, first served!
EdReady Montana

EdReady Montana is up and ready to go for fall!  For more information, visit our project website,
Need Help?  Contact us!

If you have any questions, please contact a member of our support staff and we'll be happy to assist:

Office Phone: 406-203-1812; Fax: 406-203-1815

MTDA Help Desk:

Robert Currie, Executive Director,
Jason Neiffer, Assistant Director/Curriculum Director,
Mike Agostinelli, Instructional Program Director,
Mary Ellen Currie, Data and Budget Manager,
Christen Cole, Instructional Registrar,
Jodie Hirsch, Instructional Projects Coordinator,
Jason Leonard, EdReady Montana Registrar,
Ryan Schrenk, EdReady Montana Program Manager,
Nora Sutherland, Administrative Associate,