From Mott Street to Milwaukee:
CALL's Summer Plans Engage Local Communities to Envision Sustainable Futures

There is so much to share with you about what's happening this summer with City As Living Laboratory!

On June 8th, Jean Shin and Donna Mah kicked off our Chinatown events with a workshop at Wing on Wo exploring traditional medicine and making ingenious self-watering planters out of recycled bottles. Yesterday, Mary Ting explored traditional herbs from a different perspective with senior citizens at the Educational Alliance. A WALK and FORUM lead by Joyce Hwang and Prathap Ramamurthy exploring sustainability and affordable housing will follow on Wednesday June 20th at 5:00 PM
In July, SLO Architecture principals Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi will begin the construction of Finding Tibbetts , a mobile model wetlands which will demonstrate the potential of daylighting Tibbetts Brook as it tours around the Bronx this fall. Bob Braine will continue his live-art body painting project, mapping the estuary of Tibbetts Brook onto the bodies of local residents. Our annual spring appeal will support these important projects, which will causes of flooding, sources of pollution, and the transformative remedies provided through daylighting.

Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, progress is being made on our very first WaterMarks marker.

Stay tuned throughout the summer for updates on these projects and ways to join in!
RSVP for WALK & TALK June 20th HeatMapping and Housing: exploring ways of sustainably preserving affordable housing in Chinatown with Joyce Hwang and Prathap Ramamurthy

Join us for our next CALL WALK on June 20th from 5pm-6:30pm in Chinatown, followed by a CALL Fellows Reception featuring experts on Community Land Trusts. Learn about the conditions of affordable housing in Chinatown and how it can be preserved in a sustainable way.
#FindingTibbetts Spring Appeal

CALL's Spring Appeal is dedicated towards raising $25,000 in matching funds for our exciting 2018 initiatives in the Bronx to raise awareness about Daylighting Tibbetts Brook.

Your contribution will ensure Finding Tibbetts and Estuary Tattoos fulfill their potential and reach the broadest audience. You are an essential part of making this project a success!
BRONX: Save the Date!

Here's the line up for the autumn with Finding Tibbetts and Estuary Tattoos, plus a kick-off event planned for the last week of July. Pencil these dates in to ensure you make it to one of the events!

  • Weekday evening, July 24-26 (TBC)
  • Sunday, September 16
  • Sunday, September 23
  • Sunday, September 30
  • Sunday, October 7
  • Sunday, October 14
A for AGUA

Last Month, the students at Acosta Middle School attended a workshop with Mary Miss and Aaron Asis to plot out plans for the marker installation later this summer outside the school. Amongst other things, students chose the letter to top the marker... A ! For the Students,many of whom come from bilingual homes, the letter A represents Agua, Acosta...and being first!

Stay tuned for an update in our August Newsletter.
George Peck and Mary Miss's work on the SANTO DOMINGO HERITAGE TRAIL arts project in Santa Fe is featuring in Bridging Boundaries , opening on June 14th at the Atrium Galleries, Corcoran School in Washington DC.

The Atrium Galleries at Flagg Building
Corcoran School of the Arts & Design
500 17th Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

The opening is from 6-8pm, and the exhibition runs from June 14 - August 19; Tues – Fri, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Weekends, 1 – 6 p.m.
Water Futures Open CALL

A/D/O invites multi-disciplinary designers and teams to shape the future of drinking water in the urban environment.

Categories for submission include Future Objects & Materials, Future Systems & Infrastructure, and Future Information & Communication.

The Water Futures Design Challenge includes a prize pool of $72,000 USD to be awarded to finalists and winners. Sign up below to receive the design challenge form. Submission deadline is July 19, 2018.