Potomac Ministry Network
Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago at our Network Conference I announced my decision to step down as Superintendent at the end of my term in 2018. Johnese and I have been privileged to serve in District leadership for nearly twenty five years: as Church Planting Director beginning in 1989; Secretary-Treasurer from 1996 – 2012; and as Superintendent for the past five years. You have provided us with a wonderful opportunity to pour our lives into significant ministry alongside some of the most creative folks I have ever met.
Superintendent's Message at the 2017
Potomac Network Conference
The greatest joy of our tenure has been getting to know you, our faithful fellow servants who lead the churches and ministries associated with the Potomac Network. Whether part of a local church ministry team, world or U.S. missionaries, para-church leaders, educators, counselors, or the host of you who pursue recognized ministry while continuing to serve in secular vocations, you are my heroes. I am very proud to have served with you. My life’s goal has been to provide the tools and resources which will help you be effective in what you do for the Kingdom of God.

Although it is time for our Network to walk through another leadership transition, our organizational purpose will not change: the Potomac Ministry Network is committed to build healthy ministers and healthy ministries. My role over the next year, in addition to the duties customary to the office of superintendent, will be to pastor this transition.

In 2014, the Potomac Ministry Network adopted a new nominating process which will require guidance. The Board of Director’s has tasked me with the responsibility of chairing the Nominating Team described in our bylaws (Article I, Section 1, C., 2., a.). There are many competent men and women among us who could provide excellent leadership; however, I am asking the Lord to identify leaders of His choosing. Please join me in this prayer remembering the instruction given to Samuel as he searched out the one whom the Lord had anointed to replace Saul as King of Israel, “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”  (1 Samuel 16:7) We will keep you informed as the transition process moves forward.

Thank you for your friendship and prayers as Johnese and I pursue the next season of ministry. My office will change, but my love for His church and you who labor in His vineyard will not.

Sincerely in Christ,  

J. Kenneth Burtram