Your Self-Care Kit
Imagination and creativity allow us the ability to transform the ordinary into the spectacular. Using our unique perspective to do our thing is a satisfying and inspiring way to keep our minds stimulated and our results exciting. The personal empowerment that comes from self-expression and taking healthy risks is vital to living an extraordinary life.  
The Cooking Corner
Building a solid foundation is key if we’re going to take things to the next level. We get our basics in order, and then we start adding in our personal touches. This week’s recipe provides an excellent starting point for a classic breakfast/brunch dish, which we then kick up a notch and take to new culinary heights. (Pro tip: zucchini, tomatoes and peppers are all in season.) 
"Playing the tape forward" is a helpful tool in finding a new path to achieve our goals. When we recognize an action we would ordinarily take without considering the result, we hit pause, then fast forward to see where that decision will lead. If we find it leads to the same old song, we rewind, reset and re-record.