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End of Year Newsletter

Happy Holidays to All

It's been a long and successful year of growth for many. We thank you so much for your help in making recovery from homelessness possible.

We hope you have had a wonderful Holiday Season and wish you much love, joy and success in the New Year.

Many of our clients celebrate Christmas and we thank our friends at Saint Armands Key Lutheran Church for donating trees and decorations to all of our homes.

Denise accepting flowers for her one-year anniversary of being housed and employed.

Our First Women's Program 1-Year Anniversary

Denise first became homeless years ago after the passing of her husband from cancer. She was his caretaker and had no choice but to hit the streets without even a moment to grieve.

After getting to know Denise and assessing the community's needs, we decided it was our duty to open our first women's program.

Denise became our the first of 12 women for the new program. She moved in on November 1st, 2021 and had a job within 72 hours.

See original story Watch video here

Sarasota Magazine 2023 Unity Award

We celebrated Megan Howell, our Executive Director and Founder receiving the Sarasota Magazine's 2023 Unity Award winners.

This award honors community members that inspire others through their outstanding work towards achieving equality and dignity.

You can read the article below or pick up a copy from your local store.

We recently were asked to be interviewed for a documentary on what makes the Sarasota community thrive. It will air on WEDU PBS on 4/20/2023 at 8pm.

Our client Nick shared his story about his 10 years of homelessness and now finding success through management of his Schizophrenia and academic pursuits.

"Our community is alive, and diverse. I believe that no matter how you feel about something, the more you know about it, the more you appreciate it. You may love it, you may hate it, but to know it brings empowerment to enjoy or help create change. The theme for THE SARASOTA EXPERIENCE is “What makes a community thrive.”  - Triforce Pictures Producer and Director Shaun Greenspan

In the Community

Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy our booth at the Farmer's Market. It was a wonderful full-circle event. Our clients were able to volunteer in the community by sharing their stories, answering questions about homelessness and mental illness- and handing out ice cream!

Your Impact in 2022:

Thanks to your generosity and investment in Second Heart Homes, we have dramatically expanded our ability to house, serve and love formerly homeless individuals struggling with their mental health.


Today, thanks again to your kind heart and support, we have the capacity to house, care for and love 43 men and women in safe, clean homes.

Our residents are off the streets, out of jails and hospitals, and into a better way of life – transforming their lives and reducing the impacts of homelessness on businesses, neighborhoods, public spaces and emergency services. 

Second Heart Homes’ mission is helping our clients help themselves. Instead of seeing limits and liabilities in homeless people, we see possibilities and potential.


A safe home and consistent support services create stability and promote recovery from mental illnesses and homelessness – conditions that stress not only individuals but the community.


Residence in our homes requires commitment to self-improvement, collaboration with caseworkers, management of mental illnesses and cooperation with housemates.

In addition to connecting with the community and expanding to 7 homes, we made three notable advances:


– As promised last year, Second Heart Homes opened two homes for 12 single, homeless women struggling with their mental health, offering them our high-touch services.


– Thanks to a grant from the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, Second Heart Homes opened its first home in Manatee, meeting a demonstrable need beyond Sarasota County.

– We supplemented our corps of volunteers in order to engage the community and reduce the costs of upgrading and maintaining our homes.

-We have done all of this without government funding!

So, we need your helping heart to help us keep fulfilling our mission.

There is still time to be part of a humane, effective response to homelessness and mental illness this year.


It's not too late to double your donation!

The Louis and Gloria Flanzer Trust is still matching gifts up to $500. See blow for more detail.

Please remember that fundraising for our mission is year-round endeavor. Consider bridging the lull after the holiday and being a New Year Hero in January.

Save the Date:

Art Auction March 10th, 2023

Please RSVP to to reserve your spot.

Thank you for your kind heart.

-All our love to you, Second Heart Homes, Inc.

SHH Board of Directors

Left to right: David Welle (Past Chairman), David Lyons (Chairman), Jim Doyle (Director), Claudia Barnett (Director), Megan Howell (Executive Director/Founder), Athyna Smith (Director of Operations), Rex Skinner (Staff Care-Manager), Thomas Tryon (Director), Judge Erika Quartermaine (Director)

Do you belong to a group, club or work for a company that would want to learn more? We are more than happy to come speak to your group, no matter how large or small. This helps us get the word out about the realities surrounding homelessness and mental illness.

Please contact for inquires on how you can help.


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