Dear All Saints Members,

Many of you have responded to the Living Our Values request for input regarding the All Saints Principal Mission Project. However we understand that some have had difficulty opening attachments. So, we have simplified the process for your response for those who have not yet responded.  Please select your top three choices from the list below and return them to Sherrill Munn at . You may also substitute a different idea for any of your three choices. You may reply by simply using the numbers.  Number 1 below is leading in responses.

Thank you, Blessings and Peace,

Sherrill Munn
List of Potential Principal Mission Projects
1.   Working to resolve housing needs in Calvert County with key partners, such as the Episcopal Housing Authority.
a.   For seniors on limited income
b.  For young people and young families
c.   For work force (e.g. health care workers, teachers, firefighters, deputy sheriffs)
2.   Working to mitigate the opioid crises and substance abuse.
3.   Mentoring youth in need through partnerships with organizations, such as Youth Success Fund.
4.   Correctional reform, particularly related to sentencing and incarceration.
5.   Addressing current effects of racism.
6.   Working to mitigate homelessness.
a.   In general
b.  Homeless families
c.   Homeless students
7.   Working to end hunger in Calvert County.
8.   Working to prevent school and community violence.
9.   Addressing issues in education such as maintaining order in the classroom.