PARCS UPDATE #155 - Aug. 5 , 2021
Here's a quick peek into a few of the messages that showed up recently in PARCS email inbox
JULY 26/21 - From Ruth Seime, former Chair of OH of West Chatfield
Hi, Lynne. I am forwarding an updated list of the OH of West Chatfield Hamlet Board members for your distribution list. Please delete XX from your list.  If possible, I would like to remain in my role as Chair of the North Saskatchewan River Basin Council because of our shared interest in surface water protection, however if not, I will understand. Either way, thank you for your hard work and your commitment on behalf of PARCS - I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot at the Conferences, and from the Newsletters over the years.  Our new Board is (list with email addresses enclosed).
Hi Ruth. It's so great when OH Board Chairs take responsibility for keeping our email contact lists up to date. I am about to double check our email addresses for the OH of West Chatfield to make sure these 3 addresses are included and to exclude the others. Thanks back to you for your ongoing commitment to our Saskatchewan Lake waters!
July 26/21 - From the RV of West End
Resort Village of West End requires an administrator for 2 days per week. Salary on par with Umaas pay guide. Administrator may run office remotely if required with meetings to be held at Village on a standard basis. 
Lorrayne Smith, Administrator
Resort Village of West End
Phone: 306-740-8624
Office open Mondays and Tuesdays 9-5
Resort Villages - please note that PARCS is pleased to pass along your notices or ads to all the other resort villages in the province.
July 27/21 - From an administrator who asks to remain anonymous
Hi Lynne, Not sure if you remember me I was the CAO for XX (RV Cottage Community) for 8 years and spent a lot of time working on issues with the PARCS board. Although I’ve moved to a town and no longer have connections I still miss the association and the great people involved. What other convention has a live bat that attends 😊. Anyways I was reading an article this morning about the issues around certified administrators and as per normal my slightly outside the box brain had to send you a suggestion.  I am not sure how this would work but it might help if someone was interested in doing some research. The act says you must have a certified Administrator but does not say that administrator has to be in the office at all times. My suggestion would be that the municipalities who can’t necessarily afford someone certified, should hire one work together. They would keep their current person who has been doing the job for ever and have a certified person on say a retainer to help if need and maybe sign off on the odd thing, attend the odd council meeting especially if they don’t have an experienced person. Maybe PARCS could play a role in coordinating and paying this person and collecting from each municipality. So for example if you paid someone 70,000 had 25 RVs, each would pay about 2800 a year and would have that person come in say 10 times a year as needed. I really don’t know if that would work because someone one would be traveling a fair amount potentially and likely require some hotels etc. But it’s a random thought that I figured I’d share with you. 
Town of XX
Actually, the idea of employing a non-certified staff person to do the majority of the work of the Administrator, while at the same time employing a certified person to work for fewer hours (checking on those tasks requiring a certified person) is not necessarily new. For example, the RV of Mistusinne employs a non-certified person (calling her the Village Clerk, I believe) to do many of the administrative tasks (working part-time on certain weekdays). The RV also employs a different certified person as their Administrator. The Administrator also works full-time for the neighbouring Village of Elbow; but she uses her own time for the RV work (evenings, Saturday Council meetings, etc.). It appears to have functioned well for more than a decade.
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