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From Overwhelm to Abundance

As entrepreneurs, we've all felt an overwhelming sense of self-doubt. Sometimes, we may feel scattered, disorganized, and as if we're in waaaaaay over our heads. Imposter syndrome can happen to even the most self-assured and accomplished among us. One minute, you can feel proud of yourself, and the next, you're telling yourself, "I'm a hot mess!" 

What if, instead of low-vibe talk, you frame your experience by announcing, "I am on the verge of greatness"?

Yes, I know what you're thinking: Sure Beth, that sounds great, but how do I get there?

Well, the "how" is up to you, but the person to help you get there is stress management and mindfulness coach Terri Hamilton of Apparent Connection. In March, Terri is offering A Mindful Journey: Overcoming the Overwhelm, a 6-month program designed for business entrepreneurs who want to conquer feelings of imposter syndrome and self-inflicted pressure in their lives. Read more about Terri and her program below.

In other news, last month, I shared my joy about Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself by Mike Michalowicz whose sage advice, "Make your employees act like owners," has become my management mantra for 2021.

My Book of the Month for February? Get Rich, Lucky Bitch: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First-Class Life by Denise Duffield-Thomas. I love a good book about manifestation and this book helped me unlock my money blocks and move toward abundance. I loved the book so much, I raved about it on my Instagram, tagged the author, AND SHE RESPONDED! It was like a COVID-style Celebrity Sighting! 

Be sure to check out my other book recommendations as we continue to snuggle in this winter and enjoy the great indoors!

Happy February!
Beth's Blog Series

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Small Biz Spotlight
Apparent Connection, LLC is the brainchild of the amazing Terri Hamilton, who is a mindset and mindfulness coach.

She offers a variety of options to fit her clients' needs - from 5 minute guided meditation sessions to 1:1 coaching. The best part about Terri and what she does (outside of the wonderful work she does with her clients)? All of her services are completely virtual!

If you're feeling stuck in the overwhelm, Terri's new group program could be a great fit for you. It starts in March and is called A Mindful Journey: Overcome the Overwhelm. For more information on Terri's new program, head to: A Mindful Journey page.

Find Terri on Facebook, Instagram, or visit her website to see how she can help you!

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