September 29, 2017
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
Syrian Sweets Sunday
Syrian Sweets Exchange Phoenix has partnered with PVUMC to host Syrian Sweets Exchange 5.0 this Sunday, October 1. This is a kid-friendly event with balloon making, henna and face painting as well as sweets and handcrafted items available for sale. The Paradise Perk will be open too.The donations you give to each baker and entrepreneur in exchange for baked goods and handcrafted items go to directly to the refugee women and their families.
Pastor's Message

  Dear Friend in Faith,

I believe that God calls every one of us. Have you ever considered that? Often we’re called by God to a particular place, moment and situation, where God needs what we have to offer. Maybe it is to help with a problem, to speak a word of hope or challenge. Or to bring love that is much needed. Over the years I have known many people in church who have told me they had a strong sense of being called by God to take part in a ministry, which they found very meaningful.

Sunday, we begin a worship series on the prophet Elijah titled “The Called.” Elijah was an early Hebrew prophet, called by God to speak truth to powerful people, calling them and the nation to faithfulness. In that time, there was great religious competition with a fertility cult that worshipped Ba-al. That particular religion promised rain, abundant crops and harvest, which would translate to a better standard of living. It was attractive. In fact, it was a deal that was hard to resist!

Elijah had to challenge nobility, who held political and military power, which was dangerous. The stories we have of Elijah ... 

Journeys Small Groups at PVUMC: Explore. Discover. Connect.
Joining a small group like Knit Together , offers support, an opportunity to get to know others better and a chance to deepen your relationship with God. Look through the Journeys small groups at PVUMC fall guidebook and choose an itinerary. Join Pastor Dave and his wife, Kim Summers, for the Journey of Faith class beginning October 9 , or come to the Gathering following the 9:30 am service on October 8 to learn more about PVUMC and how you can get connected with others. Read More
Worship and Fellowship at PVUMC
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church (PVUMC) invites you to worship at our traditional 8 or 9:30 am services or the distinctively different 11 am Ignite service.

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We celebrate World Communion Sunday and it's our first-Sunday-of-the-month food collection for UMOM.

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The Prayers of Intercession are included in the Looking Ahead. Unless otherwise requested, prayer requests are e-mailed to the 200+ Prayer Team members and shared with pastors and staff. Prayer team members meet on Wednesdays to pray and send cards to those on the prayer list.
Submit a prayer request using our online request form or call the church office at 602.840.8360.
Celebrate World Communion Sunday, October 1
Come to the table on World Communion Sunday and celebrate The Lord's Supper with Christians around the world. As United Methodists, we celebrate an Open Table, where all are welcome, regardless of faith tradition. The Sunday is also an opportunity to give to a special UMC offering, which helps to provide scholarships for national and international graduate students whom God has gifted to learn and to serve.
Finding Common Ground
October 12, 2017
6:30 pm, PVUMC Chapel
Know Thyself: Why and How Do We Believe What We Do?: The Foundations of Our Worldviews and Belief Structures
Lecturer: Dr. Adam Cohen, Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University

How similar or different are the beliefs, morals, and worldviews of members of different faith communities? Do these have to be essentially the same for us to trust one another? Come hear Dr. Adam Cohen, an international award-winning researcher in the psychology of religion, speak about his theories about differing worldviews and how we can still trust each other despite our differences. Read More

Community Concerts Announced
PVUMC has announced a new year of community concerts, starting on Friday, October 13 with the Sahnas Quintet . Sahnas has been an audience favorite since the PVUMC Community Concert series began, and we're thrilled to have them back again to play songs from their native Greek culture on classical Spanish guitars, harp, violin and percussion.This year, register for one or more of the concerts (choose your event dates) at Share the link with your friends. No tickets needed; free-will offering at every event.

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The PVUMC Book Group meets the first non-holiday Monday of the month for a book discussion. Meetings are held in the church library, G2, 12:15-1:15 pm. Come a little earlier to chat. This Monday, October 2, join the group as they discuss The Paris Architect, a novel by Charles Belfoure. Rayme Ellett leads the discussion. Next month, the group discusses a novel by Jodi Picoult, Small Great Things, on Monday, November 6 with Peggy Howard leading the discussion.

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