"I am sure you might wonder why a man at the time having been in ministry for over 29 years, a candidate for pastorate at three different churches, and preaching across the country weekly killed his wife in a sudden unanticipated moment of passion. It is a haunting question I seek to answer daily."

Written by John E. Taylor, inmate at Stateville Correctional Center
With the U.S. Department of Justice's support, our client, Christian Fellowship Centers of New York (CFC) received a favorable ruling in the nick of time--two days before their church service with no place to meet. Over several months CFC faced hostility from many members of the town and religious discrimination from Village of Canton officials who refused to permit the church to use its recently purchased building as a place of worship.
Written by Tom Ciesielka, President of TC Public Relations
In light of the media attention for the movie Unplanned, you might have noticed a trend that continues when issues of life and abortion are involved. Although this movie was able to get widespread attention, pro-life voices continue to be largely suppressed or negatively reviewed. Twitter even "accidentally" suspended the film's social media account for a brief time for no apparent reason other than to limit their impact. So how can pro-life advocates break through the largely liberal media?
The Seventh Circuit recently reversed a 2017 decision by a federal district judge in Wisconsin, which favored leaders of the tax-exempt atheist organization Freedom From Religion Foundation. The 2017 decision jeopardized the benefit for clergy in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, and many predicted similar consequences nationwide, were the Seventh Circuit to affirm the decision on appeal.
Excerpt from Daniel Gruber, author and Messianic Scholar
At first the Christian Passover [Easter] was celebrated at the same time as the Jewish. Until the date was changed, this simultaneous observance strengthened the bonds between Christianity and Judaism. The relationship of Church and State which began under Constantine was seen as the greatest blessing of God because there was an end to what had seemed like endless persecution. But with that end of persecution and the beginning of a new ordinance came great compromises which have distorted the nature of the Church to this day.
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