The Jewish People Policy Institute reports that 800,000 Israeli Jews are seeking out alternatives to Orthodox Judaism and would prefer to become more involved with either Masorti or other liberal streams of Judaism. 
And how many of them are already aligned with Masorti ( Conservative) Judaism? Over 300,000! Masorti appeals to Israeli Jews throughout the country who are seeking authentic Jewish tradition combined with modernity. 
Explosive growth in Masorti's youth movement, NOAM! Now 1,600 members strong with a record 711 campers attending this summer. NOAM is the growth engine of Masorti, shaping future of young leaders.
Over 1,000 egalitarian services were held at Azarat Yisrael , the Masorti Kotel, demonstrating the power of Masorti's " One Wall for One People " advocacy campaign.
Standing strong for 1,000's of members of the Jewish Abayudaya community in Uganda, including many Masorti converts seeking equal rights under the law to live and study in Israel. We continue to advocate for Yosef Kibita, who is now in court fighting for his right to make Aliyah.
Kids with disabilities get the opportunity to fully participate in Jewish and Israeli life thanks to Masorti. Over 150 kids are empowered through their Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, made possible by ADRABA--the Shirley Lowy Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities. With your help, we can get to our goal of 220 in three years.
When it comes to justice, 1 act at a time makes the difference! Defending Rabbi Dubi Haiyun , our Masorti colleague from Haifa, when he was arresting for officiating at a Masorti wedding, may have led to his election as the first non-Orthodox deputy mayor of an Israeli city . We are proud.

Let's help build the Israel we want for ourselves and future generations.