January 2022 • Volume 1, Issue 2
Thank you for the great response to MTNA’s first Business Digest, published in October 2021. In this issue, our main focus is on areas that impact us all: preparing our taxes for this past year and financial planning for the coming year. It may seem early to be thinking of financial issues for the coming academic year, but blink and it will be here.
Beth Gigante Klingenstein, NCTM
MTNA Business Resources Coordinator

 Just a Note: For those who have an interest in the topics below, links are provided at the bottom of many of the Digest articles to take you to various MTNA Business Resources sections of the MTNA website.
In the Spotlight
From Surviving to Thriving:
Mindset and the Ability to Earn a Good Income
Jennifer Walschap, NCTM in collaboration with Katherine Pomerantz

Many musicians dream of a successful career, but lack the financial tools to support their creative vision. By working with money mentor and accountant Katherine Pomerantz, I learned that business and creativity are two sides of the same coin... Read more
Meet the Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurial Secrets to Building Your Music Studio from Within
Noreen Wenjen, NCTM

What does a successful music teacher need to stand out in today’s competitive music studio market? In this video, I reveal my entrepreneurial secrets to building my music studio business from within. Find out why these entrepreneurial secrets will help your students beyond learning music and how it will help you and your studio grow! Watch Video
Technology Tips and Tools
Learn the Best Ways to Save Money, Track Your Income/Expenses and Get Paid in 2022
Jennifer Stadler, NCTM; and Amy Chaplin

Check out some of our favorite tools for getting paid, tracking mileage, managing expenses and even saving money in 2022Read more
Top Five
From a CPA’s Perspective: Top 5 Ways to Prepare Your Records for a CPA
Alex Blackham, CPA

Nervous about your taxes? See the Top 5 recommendations from a CPA/piano teacher on ways to prepare your records for your tax return. Read More
Legal Landscape
Creating and Improving Studio Policies
T. Scott Gilligan, JD

A signed Studio Policy is a legal document that offers clarity to parents and students about the business, procedures and expectations within a studio. Whether you are new to writing a studio policy or wish to bolster your existing policies, this compilation of sample language in Creating and Improving Studio Policies offers excellent ideas for wording, categories and organization.
Resource Gems
Tax Claims, Tuition Raises, Timely Payments and Professional Mindset
Amy Chaplin, Jennifer Walschap, NCTM, Lynette Zelis, NCTM

From setting tuition rates, paying taxes and upgrading your studio, to embracing a mindset that is open to change, these resources are indeed gems! Read More
Todays Quote

It’s better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Retired American Olympic Gold Medalist
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