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From Tents to Temples   

This Tuesday, January 17!
7:30 pm at TBC
By Judson Scruton 

What makes houses of worship evoke a sense of mystery and awe? How have beautiful synagogues, temples, churches and cathedrals evolved from the desert Tent of Meeting (Tabernacle) described in the Torah? Led by TBC member Judson Scruton, this presentation (updated from an original lecture given at the Wilton Library in 2008), will explore the remarkable evolution of the Tabernacle described in the Book of Exodus to a variety of unique places of worship. Refreshments will be served! 

The Tabernacle (Hebrew: מִשְׁכַּן, mishkan, "residence" or "dwelling place"), according to the Hebrew Bible, was the portable earthly meeting place of God with the children of Israel from the time of the Exodus from Egypt through the conquering of the land of Canaan. Built of woven layers of curtains along with 48 standing boards clad with polished gold and held in place by 5 bars per side with the middle bar shooting through from end to end and other items made from the gold, silver, brass, furs, jewels, and other valuable materials taken out of Egypt at God's orders, and according to specifications revealed by Yahweh (God) to Moses at Mount Sinai, it was transported by the Israelites on their journey through the wilderness and their conquest of the Promised Land. Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem superseded it as the dwelling-place of God some 300 years later. (Wikipedia article on Tabernacle.)