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Important Dates!

May 2 - 11:15am
Cardinal Walk 
Come join the annual tradition!  
May 9
Bike to Work Day
May 21 - 1pm
SRWC Cardinal Walk

Come walk at the new location SRWC 
Every Tues & Thurs   
Every Saturday
Volunteer at the Farm on these dates in May. 
Surplus Sales 

Hours: 1-4pm Wednesday
340 Bonair Siding Road
(650) 723-3001 
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 
May 2019
Hello everyone! 
May is a busy month as everyone is busy getting ready for Commencement. You will see a lot of work going on around campus to "spruce up" campus before the big event in June.  May also brings another great annual event for staff, Multicultrual Spring Fest 2019 on May 23rd. We are excited to announce this event will be back in the newly renovated Frost Amphitheater!   
Zone Management will be moving around a bit this summer to various locations on campus but our service level and support will still remain constant during our moves. We will move to Porter Drive on July 1 and then back to 340 Bonair in mid September. 
I hope you enjoy this edition of From the Ground Up. Please let me know of any interesting articles that you might want to see in future editions. I love article suggestions!  
Raina Michel, Editor

Sunrise over SEQ by Leslie O'Rourke-Garrett 

 Stanford Fun Facts

  Caretaker Spotlight, Tony Gaspar

 Extension Cords and Power Strips

  Summer Grounds Tips     

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