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Important Dates!

Open Enrollment for Benefits is open now till November 8th. Don't forget to make your elections for 2020.

Contemplation by Design

Annual Celebration on slowing down to live better.
Oct 29-Nov 7

November BeWell  
Check out all the great BeWell events this coming month.     
Every Tues & Thurs   
Every Saturday
Volunteer at the Farm on these dates. 
Surplus Sales 

Hours: 1-4pm Wednesday
340 Bonair Siding Road
(650) 723-3001 
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 
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November 2019
Hello everyone! 

Are you ready for the fall weather and the colors changing on the leaves of the trees? I know I'm ready! 

Thank you for those that participated in the sixth annual Building Manager Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Survey for Building Operation and Maintenance. We value your feedback and will be reviewing your responses. Your Zone team will be reaching out over the next month to discuss the results with you.

Flu season is coming. For those of you who get a flu shot each year, here are the dates and locations.
Curious about 2019 winter closure dates and the 2020 holiday schedule? Check out the dates here.   

I hope you enjoy this edition of From the Ground Up. Please let me know of any interesting articles that you might want to see in future editions. I love article suggestions!  I also love photo's around campus! Want to see your photo featured below, send it over to me! 
Raina Michel, Editor

Encina Commons Hallway by Raina Michel   

 Fun Facts - Hard Hats


  Caretaker Spotlight, Padma Kuditipudi

   Fall Grounds Tips     

   Jane Stanford Way 


   Surplus Sales Furniture Update 


   Means of Egress   


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