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May 2018
A Stanford staff member once said to me that May is the busiest month on campus.  Think the campus is busy now because people say, "Almost commencement, we should do that conference", or because the the weather turns nice?  There are so many events in May, it's hard to keep up!  With Frost Auditorium closed for renovation, I was worried about one of my favorite May events, Springfest! But it is happening . . . on May 24th at Stanford Stadium!  For more information, visit Springfest 2018
Everywhere on campus, you see changes and here in Zone Management, we are experiencing several staff changes. Two retirements, a promotion and two new staff members this quarter.  See the article below for new faces across Zone Management.
Kathleen Baldwin (KB), Editor

The CIRCLE - the interfaith center, 3rd floor of Old Union. 

 Zone Managment Changes

  John Etchemendy Cardinal Walk 

  Areas of Refuge


  Label Your Research!

 Amy Blue Celebration

  Caretaker Spotlight, Jimmy Baca

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