The Next Great Plastic!
That’s right! With OCM’s new patent pending Adjustable Plastic Unichair ®.  What started as an adjustable rebar support concept has developed into the most versatile chair on the market. Three chair sizes cover a range of heights from 3” up to 18.5” tall. Use it to place post-tension strand or to set steel ledgers in tilt-up panels. It also acts as a screed rail support system where the existing cradle can be used or removed in favor of a steel coil rod pipe holder. Never be stuck waiting on special chairs to be made or lose time on the job due to a missing chair height. One chair can solve your problem today. The adjustability and versatility are unmatched!

Key product features and benefits include:
  • A channel in the threaded portion with exact height markings to set the chair at the correct height.
  • Smallest size uses ½” coil thread while the two larger sizes use ¾” coil thread.
  • Very strong plastic design with load capacities posted on our website.
  • A deep base for adequate thread engagement and chair stability. 
  • Same Unichair ® design with tapered footprint and compatibility with base plates and stackable base extensions. 
  • Dual cradle on top for additional ½” adjustment and 2-way rebar placement.
Inventory is now available so call for pricing today!
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