Back in April I asked you to be patient with me, as I hadn't written a new PGG in a while due to focusing on other things, including working my book The Smoothie Principle . But on Saturday I did an Instagram post I realized was definitely PGG material, so here you go :) [For those of you keeping track, the last new PGG was Batteries, Bunkers and Bonding from November] I also wanted to share another IG post with a photo of the notes of one of my clients and the results of our session - if you've been thinking of working with me for the first time or fifth don't forget my Meaningful May Power Hour offer expires at midnight tonite ! And here's my PGG Video of the week where I remind you that the acorn doesn't become an oak tree overnight, and the link for the Instagram post that became this week's PGG ( it includes a video of the tree I mention so be sure to check that out - you don't need an Instagram account to see it ) . As always, please feel free to let me know y our feedback about any and all that I'm doing :) Big hug <3 Kristina
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From Tiny to Mighty

An oak tree is just a small nut that persevered against the taunts of doubt and fear. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo

Giant oak trees... have deep root systems that can extend two-and-one-half times their height. Such trees rarely are blown down regardless of how violent the storms may be . ~ Joseph B. Wirthlin

The Universe works in mysterious ways. I shot this video in August 2018. Exactly nine months later (oh, just the normal gestation period for a human), who knew I’d be standing in the shade of a 500-year-old oak, one of the oldest trees of its kind in our country!

The first half of 2018 was a season of doubt and fear for me in a way that I had not previously experienced. By allowing myself to be patient with the cycle, to process whatever thoughts and emotions I was presented with, and confront my fears , I ultimately became more sure of and secure in myself.

As a result of those growing pains, I now feel (most of the time!) as if I am rooted in the center of the Earth - and grounded in myself and my connection to humanity more than ever. This has given me a renewed inner strength and confidence in who I am and what I do, despite outer circumstances.

I’m always saying “the acorn doesn’t become an oak tree overnight,” but I never really thought about what it takes for that oak tree to continue to grow and withstand the multitude of external forces once it becomes a tree.

Can you imagine what it has required for any living thing to be alive for almost half a millennium? What it has survived and been witness to?

I believe in the soul’s evolution through many lifetimes, so perhaps we don’t live that long biologically, but it can be interesting to think about our lives as part of a broader trajectory and understand the big-picture journey we are on, the lessons we need to learn, and the past experiences we need to heal.

Thank you Angel Oak for being a tangible reminder of it all . 🙏🏻🌳

Looking for a little support and fertilizer for your inner acorn? Give me a buzz and I’ll help you find the meaningful mojo to persist and withstand whatever nature brings your way!

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