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October 2010 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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In this months Dave's Pad, I pass on my usual rant and devote the majority of this newsletter in praise of my friends from France, Jack Dupon. Nearly 2 years ago, I came across the music of a band from France called Jack Dupon, a legendary man who travels through time and encounters all sorts of adventures. The music of Jack Dupon tells the story of this mythical character and his many exciting journies. The sound of the quite real Jack Dupon is just as adventurous. At the onset of September, the band arrived in North Carolina, and, well, you can read about the experience below. Needless to say, their impact on me and the rest of us at TMG continue to resonate loudly. Read on.

Jack Dupon Heads Home! A Personal Message
Jack Dupon
Jack Dupon has returned home to France, one month after arriving on US soil for the first time. Thus ends one of the most exciting, encouraging, enlightening and satisfying months in the history of Transit Music Group, and of my own personal life. Beginning with the bands arrival in North Carolina on September 2 for a gig at the Prog Day Pre-Show and ending triumphantly in New York City on September 25, the band opened some eyes and some ears with its brilliant musicianship, sense of humor and above all else, its zest for life. Philippe Prebet, Gregory Pozzoli, Arnaud M'Doihoma ,Thomas Larsen and their brilliant videographer/photographer Sophie 'Renard' Corceiro, have shown me that living life to the fullest, even if you have a few obstacles thrown in your way, is the way to enjoy what life has to offer. We spent a lot of time together, driving the 5000 or so miles together, spending time at Drumlin Downe Studio while they recorded their new album, hanging out in New York City and Boston and doing so many other fun and interesting things. I never saw the smile leave their faces, never saw one frustrated or angry moment, never heard them say one negative thing about anything or anyone, never noted any jealousy. They treated everyone like old friends or family. They just enjoyed life, enjoyed the US and enjoyed the experience. Many people have said that music acts as a bridge, bringing people together, regardless of where they are from or what nationality, culture, or race they may be. I can honestly say that I have now experienced this first hand. We spoke different languages and at times had trouble understanding one another, and we had different beliefs on some things but when all was said and done, the one thing that brought us together and that we all understood was the language of music. It takes great courage, faith in others and belief in self to come to a different country, where no one is familiar with you and your music, in an effort to spread your music and create a new fan base, and for that, I admire Jack Dupon greatly. Many bands that I know are tentative about venturing a few miles away from their comfort zone, never mind thousands of miles away. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained", as the saying goes. Jack Dupon ventured. Jack Dupon gained. They gained new fans, new friends and a great deal of respect. A brief list of people that made a difference to the band, as I see it, is as follows: Paul Davidson - AKA 'Samurai Driver Paul'- For his friendship, driving ability, loan of his van, and thoughtfulness and intelligence. Ray Olivier & Family - For their friendship, hospitality and unique sense of how to treat people with respect. They treated the band like kings. Peter 'Pierre' Mathieu - For his friendship, loyalty, intelligence and general 'Joie de Vivre' Chris ' Big Daddy' Smith - For his friendship and for the wonderful live recordings that he made of the band. Brian 'The Big Lebowski' Sachs & Laura Fallis - For their friendship, hospitality, sense of humor and for coming through in the clutch. Curtis 'TBG' Walton - For his friendship, loyalty, sense of humor and for teaching the band how to play the flute. Mike Potter - Friend and owner of Orion Sound in MD. He put the band up for a few nights and gave them a place to play. Brian Coombes - For helping the band get in touch with people at ProgDay and Orion Sound, among other things. Mindset X - For hanging with the band in NH and NYC and making the trip that much more memorable. Carla and Dana Wheeler and John Spinney - For all of your help with gigs, the TMG trailer and everything else. Denise Drouin, Nermina Kovacevic, Tom Schulte and the rest of the Jack Dupon 'Groupies' - For being friends and being there for the band. All of the venues that booked the band sight unseen - Thank you! FRANK FM - For allowing the band to play at the Nashua Beer Fest and supporting original music. All of the bands that played with Jack Dupon at the various venues - The band mentioned to me that they were honored to share the stage with all of them. There were many others that played a role in making this a successful tour. I'm certain that there are those that I've left out, and for that, I apologize. You know who you are and the band and I are grateful.

As for my own personal feelings toward the band, well, from the moment we met, with Philippe waving at me in the window of the motel, I felt a kinship, a certain 'je ne sais quoi' [a certain something] that I just don't know how to describe. Perhaps it was the familiarity with the language of my youth, or perhaps the bond between musicians who enjoy a different style of music, or perhaps it was just something that goes beyond explanation. I only know this,that these people from a country far away from mine, whom I had never met and only spoken to via e-mail, felt like family to me, almost from that first moment. I felt completely comfortable in their presence and I believe they felt that way with me. I had the strange feeling that I had known these people for all of my life. I wish I had. My life is a lot richer for knowing them now. Not much was said at the airport when Peter Mathieu and I dropped the band off for their journey back to France. Not much needed to be said. I think that the feelings were visible in our eyes. Beyond the music, beyond the experiences, beyond the actual tour itself, and beyond any future business dealings, one thing happened that made everything else seem irrelevant, FRIENDSHIP. Until we meet again, mes amis, Bon courage!

SOAK Is Back On The Grid
After a one month hiatus to deal with family issues, new births, and general, work related occurences, SOAK begins a new season of gigging and recording with an upcoming date at The Wild Rover in Manchester, NH on October 16th.

SOAK, made up of guitarist Matty Jeff, Bassist Chris Smith and drummer Troy Dutton have been permanent fixtures on the club scene in NH, MA. VT and beyond for a few years now and are looking forward to getting back on the road. The band has begun the recording process for their as yet untitled sophomore effort. Stay tuned to more SOAK news in future newsletters.
Colleges & Universities: We Can Help!
To all of our College and University contacts, TMG offers many services for your entertainment needs, including a wide variety of bands of all genres of music, sound and PA services, full laser light shows and standard lighting, all at reasonable prices. Whether your looking for bands for a pub setting or for larger theater style venues, we can provide everything you need to make for a successful event. Reggae, Rock, Country, Progressive, Metal, whatever your music and party needs may be, we can supply it.

TMG has been in the music business in New England for nearly 10 years now, working in all aspects of the industry, including booking and promotion, which has given us access to many of the regions top bands and many of it's bands on the rise. We can even record your event, both as audio and as video. Give us a call for your next event and we'll make your job easier. Thanks

Be safe!.


David Roberge
Transit Music Group