Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
Planting & Watering from Trip to Trip
Our busy season is off and running and God is already doing incredible things as we serve alongside the local Costa Rican churches.

I am already amazed at what the Lord has allowed me to witness through my first summer trip.

Last January, I led a team from Faith Fellowship Church in Virginia. They spent half of their week serving alongside of Pastor Juan Carlos in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica.  

One of the things we did was a ministry that we call "Bread Ministry."  We simply take a loaf of freshly baked bread door-to-door and offer the free gift of bread followed by prayer for the people's needs.  During our walk that day, we came across the woman pictured here.  She was pregnant and was ready to give birth any day.  We prayed for her, her baby, and the baby in her womb.  We also pointed her to Pastor Juan Carlos' church.

Fast forward to just last week as Grace Summit Church from Indiana came to partner with the same church in Santa Cruz.  We had a two hour time slot devoted to going door-to-door to invite the community to the women's and children's ministry events that would take place that day.  We can up to this woman's house and were thrilled to see the little baby that we had prayed for!  We invited the mother and her three children to the events of the day and walked away.

Less than two hours later, this lady walks into the church with her three children for the very first time!  Her children were cared for and she received a manicure, pedicure, snacks, and heard the Word of the Lord given through the ladies on the team.

Did you catch that?  A woman that never stepped foot inside of the local church finally comes to church after two different teams stopped at her house to love on her, pray for her, and invite her to church!

Not only that, but she also asked Pastor Juan Carlos if she could have her three children dedicated to the Lord! 

Week after week we see the Lord using short-term mission trips to make a difference in people's lives! Thank you for your continued investment, prayerfully and financially, to continue expanding the Kingdom of God in Costa Rica!
Schedule of Trips for July
We would truly appreciate your prayers this month as it is the biggest month in the history of PPM Costa Rica!  This is the month that we have been working very hard on details to make sure each trip is covered in prayer and organized to the best of our ability.  We will have 16 trips over 4 weeks and have already completed 8 trips in June.  Our staff is doing an amazing job and the testimonies keep rolling in!

July 8 - 14:  Nate will be serving with Tyler, an old friend from Elim Bible Institute (4 trips 
will be going on this week)
July 15 - 21:  Nate is not on any trips, but 5 trips will be going on.
July 22 - 28:  Nate will be serving in Liberia with a returning church from last year  (6 trips will be going on this week)
July 29 - August 4:  Nate will be serving in San Rafael, near Liberia, with Immanuel Church's youth group  (2 trips will be going on this week)

Keep Laura and the kids in your prayers especially as Nate is out on trips.  Our home becomes a bed and breakfast during the weekends for our staff involving washing clothes and making sure everyone is fed and recharged for another week of ministry!  Laura is the queen of hospitality!
Preparing the Local Church in Costa Rica
A few months ago while meeting with one of our local pastors, Nate asked the question he always asks..."What can we, as Praying Pelican Missions, do better to help support you and your church?"   The answer given was to help train the church to get involved with the team that comes to serve! 

So July 1st it happened!  Nate, along with our Full-Time Staffer, Jonathan, traveled to San Fernando to help prepare the church leadership to minister to and with the team coming in July 8th.

We are so excited about what God is going to do in San Fernando as the church works to do TWO things:      

1.  Minister to the team and the participants.  It is their chance to love on and minister to people from the USA.  They may never get the chance to go to the USA, but the USA is coming to them!

2.  Connect the team to the community.  We want the local church to be the shining face in the community and be present in every ministry that the team does.

We can't wait to hear the testimonies and see the fruit from this training!
We were blessed to have one of our Supporting Churches, Grace Summit Church, serving in Costa Rica.  It was a great time for our children to get involved on a trip as well as they are on vacation from school for three weeks!
Nathan, Laura, Darrell (in the USA), Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah