Continuing to Provide Services
Hopefully you have been following our updates that have shown how Mercy Center continues to meet the needs of our community. We remain very grateful to our generous partners who have helped us with the resources to continue providing services.
While Mercy Center is known for our Thanksgiving Food Pantry, and we provided 399 families with food this past year, since the beginning of the pandemic we have distributed so much more. Between Tacombi , World Central Kitchen , AskChefsAnything online auction fundraiser, and our newest provider Next Stop Vegan , we have distributed well over 9,500 meals and groceries.
In our photos you have seen behind the masks, our own front-line workers. These staff have volunteered to be outside MC each day. With their own lives on the line, they put service to our participants before their own welfare. Those who are unable to be there are also working with our participants.
In fact, our staff is working from around the country. As the city was closing down, some of our staff went home or to stay with family. From Washington, D.C. to Washington state, our staff is working remotely with our participants, including Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio, as well as the District of Columbia and every borough of New York.
We look forward to the day when we will be able to gather together safely and provide a full slate of onsite services. In the meantime, from near and from far, we continue to provide mercy where it's needed most.
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