Do you bring 
energy to your chapter ?

Energetic leaders send the signal that a goal is important and that reaching that goal is possible.  According to Michael Hyatt (author and podcaster), "As a leader, everything you do is contagious. People will feel it if you are discouraged, pessimistic, or lacking in energy. When you are upbeat, energetic, and optimistic, people also feel it."
When people are energized they go  from burnout to burning flame 
   ENERGY  is what makes all other things possible. 
People who are successful and achieve great things are energetic When it comes to being an energetic leader, you must be also  passionate. Without passion, you have no power and without power, you have nothing. Success requires energy. No energy - no success.  No passion - no leadership. When it comes to be an energetic leader, it's a must for a person to be passionate. 

As a leader you should enhance your own energy. Look after yourself first Want to be a more energetic leader?   Then manage your own energy.

1. Get some sleep. Go to bed earlier.

2. Lighten up because the world WILL go on without you. 
3. Take a short walk.
4. Talk  to someone who will listen an possibly help you see things more clearly.
5. Believe in yourself and that you can make a difference and most importantly believe in your chapter members.